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Enterprise Applications

Transforming your business to realise value.

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Strategic business transformation

Empower your organisation with a team you can trust.

As experts in HR and business transformation, we enable you to make strategic decisions with enhanced operational agility, reducing time and cost, so you can achieve your commercial goals. 

We’re your trusted advisors, combining deep industry knowledge with a focus on driving tangible results. Whether it’s implementing new financial systems, building high-performing teams or optimising existing processes, we partner with you to unlock your full business potential. 

Amplifying value through change


Streamline operations to enhance efficiency

With trust as our foundation, we streamline operations, unlock insights, and cut costs with secure applications. Gain the clarity, control, and efficiency you need – delivered collaboratively.


Leverage AI and automation to boost productivity

Empower your workforce with AI and automation. We optimise workflows for peak efficiency and achieve new heights of success, with a focus on problem-solving and action.

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Partner with our experts to digitally excel

We utilise our expertise to accelerate your cloud-delivered solutions, unlocking the agility and innovation you desire. We work collaboratively to tailor solutions to your needs.


Invest in expertise to innovate for tomorrow

Harness our pre-built accelerators, flexible approach and innovation expertise to propel your business forward, disrupt the market and lead tomorrow – building trust along the way.

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Make informed decisions to define your future

Leveraging expertise and data, we empower you with crystal-clear financial insights to manage risks and drive unstoppable growth.

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Adopt cloud-powered systems to refine reporting

Build a sustainable future with cloud-powered systems that reduce your carbon footprint and refine your ESG reporting. Our agility and expertise ensure a seamless transition.

“There were 3 main reasons for choosing Version 1: their reputation for successfully rectifying failed implementations, their ability to scale up resources quickly while meeting urgent deadlines and their proven extensive experience in the Financial Services sector.”

Simon Norris | Managing Director, Deputy CIO & Head of Corporate Systems | Mizuho

Innovate for the future with Enterprise Applications

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    Reshaping finance for the future

    We deliver integrated solutions that synchronise your strategy with operations, simplify budget management, spark transformative initiatives, and leverage AI to redefine financial processes.

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    Elevating HR and people operations

    In modern work environments, we amalgamate strategic insights with modern tools. Our focus is to revolutionise HR functions, enabling you to attract and retain the best talent, swiftly adapt to hybrid work patterns, and address employee dynamics with a proactive approach.

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    Enhancing supply chain management

    Supply chains are the backbone of many businesses. We step in to help you optimise your supply chain processes, ensuring transparency, fostering collaboration, building resilience, and developing strategies to tackle disruptions effectively.

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    Amplifying customer touchpoints

    In a world driven by customer preferences, we utilise dynamic CRM solutions to enhance every interaction. By leveraging real-time analytics, you can anticipate customer needs, personalise engagements, and cultivate relationships that are not only lasting but also meaningful.

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    Realising value with data insights and AI

    Leveraging AI, we transform your complex financial datasets into insightful strategies, offering crystal-clear analytics to enhance operational efficiency and secure data integrity, empowering your business for decisive, significant action.

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Our key partners

We collaborate with premier global technology leaders to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions that drive our customers’ success.

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Version 1 is a globally leading authority in Oracle solutions, backed by a team of 700 experts with over 425 certifications across unrivalled specialisms, underpinned by a heritage of 26 years of delivery excellence.

Honoured as Oracle’s Innovation Partner of the Year (EMEA) 2023 and a coveted Oracle Cloud Solution Provider award winner with specific recognition for service capabilities in Oracle’s Cloud Application suite.

Our commitment to best practices, leadership in Oracle Cloud, and continual innovation ensures transformative outcomes for our clients.

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