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Business Transformation Framework

Translating business objectives into technology driven success.

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Next generation business transformation

Relentless focus on prioritising business value and investment every step of the way.

Evolve is Version 1’s business methodology. It is used consistently across our services and builds on our proven delivery expertise and help priorities the biggest opportunities to rapidly unlock value.

Evolve incorporates deep understanding of your business before prioritising technology solutions. It works through a process of co-creation with our experts – and yours – to form an understanding of your current state and then evolves this through ideation.

A methodology for real business evolution

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    Assess, define and shape the foundations of the transformation strategy

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    Understand, co-create and validate to make it tangible and prove value

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    Prepare, prioritise and measure the scale of the transformation goals

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    Utilising agile delivery, execute on clearly defined objective with confidence

“Transformation isn’t about strategy and technology – it’s ensuring your business is well structured and applying technology at its core. In a rapidly changing world of unprecedented risk and opportunity, driven by things like Generative AI, credibility is essential. The trick to transformation is to evolve and embrace rapid prioritised execution of projects that deliver tangible value to unlock the next big thing. Continuous transformation is one of the fundamental drivers to create and sustain business value.”

Brad Mallard | Chief Technology Officer, Version 1

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