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Data x AI

Exceed expectations by unlocking the hidden value of your data.

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Deliver maximum data impact from AI

By combining AI and Data, productivity accelerates and efficiency is boosted. This empowers businesses to make high quality decisions for sustained success.

Data X AI provides a comprehensive view of your business, enabling you to automate time consuming manual processes and focus on value-add objectives that make a real difference to your customers.  

Our AI capability

Underpinned by an established Responsible AI Board, Version 1 is committed to supporting our customers in establishing their own AI governance. To date, we have put a considerable focus on sustainability and social salue, including an AI-driven Green SDLC.

We have a team of dedicated AI experts including researchers, engineers, analysts, testers, architects and advisors. Working alongside our team of data specialists across analytics, platform architects, data experts, and delivery managers – we pave the way for AI driven innovation, underpinned by quality data.

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AI labs

The main goal of Version 1’s dedicated AI Labs is to explore cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with our customers. We aim to help customers better understand AI technology and the impact it can have on their businesses, as well as support business case development and investment using concrete evidence, metrics, knowledge, and experience.

Our mission at the Version 1 AI Labs is to facilitate our customer’s adoption of AI-related technologies to reimagine business success and drive customer satisfaction.

Exploring cutting edge technologies


Generative AI

Discover the game changing potential of Generative AI and how to maximise your investment and transform business processes and operational efficiency.


Computer vision

Learn how Computer Vision can help businesses automate tasks, gain insights from data, and provide seamless user experiences.

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Machine learning & deep learning

Explore how Machine Learning and Deep Learning can enhance customer operations by providing practical applications in real-world scenarios.

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Sustainable AI

Unlock the potential of Sustainable AI and how it can elevate both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, aligning with your technology initiatives.


Conversational AI

Explore the power of all new Intelligent Conversational AI and how Generative AI and Conversational AI can enhance your Digital Channel customer and employee experience.

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Natural language processing

Learn how NLP can help understand your business’ data, classify data more easily, eliminate risk, save time, and drive overall improvement in your business

Paving the way for AI Drive innovation

Empower your business to focus on uniquely human work


your data into a blueprint for AI Success.

Lay the foundation for a smarter future with comprehensive data solutions that unlock actionable insights and drive analytics-powered growth


your transformation with AI accelerators.

Choose from our innovative AI marketplace and AI Labs team. Empower your team to innovate with confidence and make data-driven decisions that matter


into an AI-centric organisation.

Work with our AI experts, where pioneering technology meets bespoke solutions. Unlock new possibilities and redefine your business with AI that’s tailored to your vision

“The Innovation and AI Labs team has done an exceptional job of grasping the nature of our problems and devising unique and helpful AI solutions for us. They have exceeded my expectation in what they have been able to deliver to us.

David Walthour, CTO, SpiderRock

Our Data Capability

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    Data strategy

    Our data strategy services help your organisation harness the power of data to drive business growth. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive data strategy roadmap, design a scalable data architecture, and foster a data-driven culture

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    Data governance

    Our data governance services ensure your organisation’s data assets are effectively managed, protected, and leveraged to support business objectives. We specialise in data discovery, classification, quality assessment, and improvement to establish a clear understanding of your data landscape and guarantee data accuracy, completeness, and consistency

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    Data discovery

    Our experience interrogating a broad range of data stores and familiarity across modelling approaches, combined with a long history of transforming data into business metrics, enable us to interpret data from disparate operational system to support business understanding

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    Data infrastructure and implementation

    The team delivers across a range of technologies, including Azure, AWS, Databricks and Snowflake. We actively encourage our clients to leverage the adaptability and specialist data engineering knowledge of the team, rather than potentially sourcing multiple individuals with one specific skillset

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    Data visualisation

    Delivering accurate, reliable, and usable intelligence. Focusing on enabling insight that can drive and support critical business decision making, consuming and acing on data. Turning Visualisation insight into business value

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    AI and machine learning

    We transform the value of your data with predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling greater efficiency and accurate decision-making. We utilise automated machine learning technology to find and recognise patterns in your data, which apply intelligence to solve critical business problems and identify key growth areas autonomously

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