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We provide best-in-class Digital Services that enable our private and public sector customers to efficiently deliver digital solutions and effectively engage with end-users.

What we do

As the chosen Digital transformation provider of central governmental departments, local government authorities, leading energy companies and major retailers – the impact of Version 1 digital solutions is evident at scale across multiple industries. We are leading the charge in empowering our public and private sector customers to become recognised as digital leaders within their individual verticals by:

Interaction & Design
Changing how businesses interact with customers, and how public sector organisations engage with citizens with our unique approach for user centric design.
Collaboration & Wellbeing
Working in collaboration with our customers to deliver innovative Digital Services with a user-centric design and our SPACE approach to enhancing developer wellbeing
Sustainable Development
Offering full lifecycle development and innovative customised solutions that make a real difference to end-users, embedding sustainable architecture and AI assisted engineering.

Foundations: QuickStart Delivery Accelerators

Driving business success in today’s world requires an innovative, modern, and agile IT solution, with Public Cloud Infrastructure playing a key role in enabling this capability. This accelerator was used to power our global Microsoft Partner of the Year Award win with National Highways. How can your enterprise move towards Cloud and run digital customer experiences and workloads to deliver on business objectives, whilst saving on time and costs?
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Version 1 enables customers to close the gap between their current organisation and Digital Transformation.

We enable customers to become more self-sufficient through knowledge transfer, up-skilling and training in a way that accelerates productivity for tangible results. You can evolve your organisation by breaking new ground with a trusted advisor that knows Digital Services and end-user engagement best.

The end result? Digital transformation strategies that become a reality.

Digital Transformation Partner of Choice

Digital Government

Our Public Sector customers trust us to deliver lifecycle application services and innovative solutions to enable their organisations to process billions in revenue digitally, and to help 50+ million citizens benefit from evolved digital services.

  • Central Government Departments
  • Local Government Authorities
  • State Agencies
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Private Sector

Corporate and commercial customers trust us to develop digital services such as lifecycle application services and innovative solutions that not only evolve services, but also supports the management of existing digital programmes to fully realise digital strategy objectives.

  • Major Retailers
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Leading Energy Suppliers
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Why Our Customers Choose Version 1

Digital Strategy
Helping you on your digital transformation journey.
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Effective digital solutions delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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Enterprise Cloud Excellence
Build, migrate and run your digital solutions in Public Cloud.
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Global Standards
Accredited to ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards delivering assurance in quality and security of digital services
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User Experience Led Design
Digital service design starts with the user and ensures the user succeeds first time
Customer Enablement
Driving self-sufficiency in your digital journey through knowledge transfer, upskilling and training.
Data, Analytics & AI
Deliver faster and better decision making to power your digital strategy.
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Modern and Legacy Integrated
Old world - new world brought together to ensure one digital enterprise across cloud and legacy.
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Digital Managed Services
Improve the TCO of your digital solution by consuming it as a service.
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Version 1 has in-depth experience and portrayed excellence in the public sector, delivering successful solutions to multiple public sector clients.

G-Cloud 13 Framework
G-Cloud 13 is for use by UK Public Sector bodies which allows them to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services.
Technology Services 3
The Technology Services 3 framework is an ideal solution for every public-sector customer’s ICT service requirements.
Digital Outcomes & Specialists 6
Digital Outcomes is a dynamic style framework with the goal of assisting the public-sector to purchase, design, build and deliver with through digital.

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