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Unleashing productivity through data driven insights and AI that empower people to make high quality decisions, generate content and automate processes

Artificial Intelligence

AI has huge potential for enhanced experiences, cost savings and differentiation in products and services. The power of AI is only truly unlocked in collaboration with high quality data, which drives business via Generative AI for content and language creation, Machine Learning for recommendations or intelligent experiences, or Computer Vision that makes imagery and video content addressable securely. In the best examples, AI plus Data can unlock value and create new business models.

Derive Maximum Value from your Data

Most organisations recognise that data and analytics has the potential to increase efficiency, improve decision making and ultimately deliver a competitive advantage. However, turning an analytics plan into reality can be challenging.

At Version 1 we combine digital, cloud and enterprise application expertise with our data science and analytics capability to articulate a pragmatic roadmap for success. With our analytic accelerators and frameworks, we reduce data gathering and analysis time so customers can focus on their data insights.

Unlocking the Power of your Data

Data Lake Accelerator
Take a no-code approach with Data Lake Accelerator to ingest data from on-premise to Azure Data Lake. Automatically stage data for use in Azure Synapse and integrate IoT data streams with your organisation's analytics and BI.
Smart Inventory Management
An integrated, pre-configured Analytics capability, Smart Inventory Management enables organisations to identify and remove obsolete stock and delivers immediate stock rationalisation (up to 50%).
BI Assessment
Discover your organisation's business requirements and uncover key pain points affecting operational performance. With this assessment, your organisation will receive tailored recommendations to get the most from your data.
Analytics Roadmap
Define your organisation's business objectives through an Analytics Roadmap, receiving tailored recommendations to unlock your data.
Cloudbridge - Data Integration
Accelerating on-premise and cloud integration with Oracle Data Integration or our Cloudbridge Integration products which offers a more cost-effective solution to making Oracle services accessible for enhancement with other interfaces or Generative AI powered digital channels.
Cloudbridge - Migration
Accelerating the move to the Cloud quickly connecting and automatically migrating databases from on-premise or Cloud infrastructure hosted Oracle services to Cloud Native Oracle Apps and SaaS services. Our Cloudbride Migrate product makes this easy.

Agile Implementation of Data Analytics Platform for Aon

Read our latest case study where we engaged Aon as a trusted technology partner to provide support in the implementation of a data analytics platform that leverages combined in-house and external data.

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Smart Inventory Management

Reduce your MRO inventory levels by up to 50% with the right, usable inventory insights from Smart Inventory Management (SIM).
Discover Smart Inventory Management

Our Services

Data Analytics
Advance your data capability with analytics platforms, data mining, data visualisation and predictive modelling techniques to discover hidden trends and patterns to make better decisions – providing the right people with the right information at the right time and to the right device for each user.
Data Governance and Strategy
Develop a winning vision and strategy, through roadmaps, stakeholder management and profiling, capability improvement and implementation planning and execution. Gain guidance on the alignment of data strategy with business objectives, with advice on a Data Governance approach.
Data Platforms and Engineering
Ingest data from a variety of sources and systems to data lakes and data staging areas. Apply integration and transformation processes to prepare your organisation's data for reporting and analysis. Market leading platforms including: AWS, Microsoft, Databricks, Snowflake
Analytics Managed Services
Partner with a Managed Services provider to eliminate the headache of managing data platforms and business intelligence solutions. With support of Qlik4Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Tableau and Power BI for a range of our customers, we have the proven experience to manage your analytics estate.
Strategy and Assessments
Helping customers to understand their data landscape and governance is critical to a data driven business and unlocking the power of AI. We provide impartial advice to accelerate your projects. ​
Data Visualisation ​
Accelerate your ability to visualise trends, data and find new insights through powerful visualisations technologies including PowerBI, Qlik, and Looker.
Generative-AI Assessment
A four week engagement to help you determine the business case to pilot your first Generative AI projects and demonstrate fast value.
AI - Machine and Deep Learning
Gaining insights from your data remains a highly valued project, being built in to more products and services by the day. We help accelerate this with you.​

Fundamentals of AI

Though there are many complexities to AI, we believe that in today’s digital age, a basic understanding of AI can be useful. With this in mind, we’ve put together ‘The Fundamentals of AI’ training course, hoping it can serve as a helpful starting point in your AI journey.

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Data & AI Processes

Data Discovery
Our analysts help you understand your data landscape and explore new or untapped data sources that will bolster your data-driven business decision-making. We will document, catalogue, and analyse your data for quality, using it to transform the way you work and boost overall business performance.

Data Architecture
Version 1 creates high-performance and scalable architecture designed to achieve your specific data management goals. We model, build and deploy cloud-based data solutions that cover the whole data platform lifecycle, ensuring the delivery of real-time, accurate data that informs business decisions.

Data Visualiation
Version 1’s data visualisation approach helps bring your data to life, so key decision-makers can easily understand and interpret your data and insights. Utilising leading platforms, we implement the visualisation and reporting layer of your data platform, establishing the right KPIs and metrics to measure your strategic business goals.

AI & Machine Learning
We transform the value of your data with predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling greater efficiency and accurate decision-making. We utilise automated machine learning technology to find and recognise patterns in your data, which apply intelligence to solve critical business problems and identify key growth areas autonomously.


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