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The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

At Version 1, we believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference with technology and innovation. We pride ourselves on empowering our people to do just that, regardless how big or small those differences might be, because we know that IT can transform businesses. We’re excited to now bring you the One Zero One podcast, an inspiring series of conversations with some of the leading technology experts and trailblazers in the UK & Ireland.

With the benefit of their real world experience, these leaders bring to life some of the latest and emerging technologies that are set to shape the future of the industry and the wider world we live in. Each expert will share their ideas, experience and some of the important lessons they’ve learned along the way. One Zero One aims to encourage us all to learn from each other, get involved, and start making our own differences.

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My advice for anyone trying to succeed with an innovative idea or a new venture is to get out there and talk to people. A lot of people protect their ideas, not talking about them or they try to get people to sign NDAs. If your idea is really genuinely good, it's highly unlikely that it's going to be so important for you to protect that idea that you can't even talk about it. You've got to get out there and talk to customers, prospective customers, and investors early.
- John Beckett, CEO & Co-Founder, ChannelSight

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