Episode #2: Ronan Perceval, CEO & Founder, Phorest

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With a mission to bring a million salons into the Cloud and a vision to be the best salon software provider in the world, Ronan Perceval, CEO & Founder of Phorest will tell you that software is merely a tool and that his team goes so much further to make a real difference to salon owners’ businesses which is why it is so important for him to lead a growth mindset across his teams.

Established for 15 years, Ronan still runs Phorest in startup mode with objectives as ambitious as ever, and a focus on continuously innovating to improve Phorest’s SaaS platform and driving the adoption of new emerging technologies to remain agile and flexible to meet customers’ needs and demands. For more information about Ronan Perceval and Version 1, check out: www.version1.com/one-zero-one

We aren't a salon, we are a software company. That's why every single designer, product person, researcher and developer at Phorest needs to work at a salon as a receptionist at least once a year and it's transformative. When they come back they have so many ideas of what needs to be improved and changed. It's really important to not lose touch with what's happening. I would strongly emphasise the importance of doing this for every product team that is building something that they wouldn't use themselves.
- Ronan Perceval, CEO & Founder, Phorest

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