Episode #21: Eileen Jennings-Brown, Head of Technology at Wellcome Trust

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Series 3 of the One Zero One podcast continues our journey of exploring what tech leaders around the UK have been doing to manage and drive digital change and positive progress throughout a global pandemic.

Sooraj Shah, a technology-focused journalist (the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, Business Insider & more) speaks to Eileen Jennings-Brown, Head of Technology at Wellcome Trust in this episode to discuss the Digital Transformation journey the Wellcome Trust was on before the global pandemic forced organisations to become ‘digital-first’ remote-working environments overnight, and how that journey still doesn’t have a ‘final destination’.

Eileen explains in this episode that the Wellcome Trust had completed a significant amount of Digital Transformation prior to COVID-19 – however, they still had a huge amount of work to undertake not only in terms of Digital Transformation but in understanding and supporting a culture of remote-working for employees and managing the impact working from home has had on employees in terms of feeling isolated and under increased pressure working alongside partners, children, pets, etc.

Eileen Jennings-Brown has worked in the IT industry for over 23 years holding senior leadership roles for the past 11 years. She started life as an IT support analyst in 1997 and has progressed her career working for businesses across the UK and Europe in a range of different IT roles. She set up her first IT Consultancy business in 2014 and her second in 2017.  She is currently the Head of Technology at Wellcome Trust based in London. In 2020 she was voted one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Technology.

Tune into Eileen Jennings-Brown’s episode to receive valuable advice around being an effective IT leader, trusting employees to make decisions and how Digital Transformation should be a journey without a ‘hard stop’. This is a very lively discussion filled with unmissable insights, so don’t miss out!


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