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Whether you are still exploring your Cloud strategy, implementing a mass migration to Public Cloud or looking to simplify and optimise the management of multiple Cloud environments, Version 1 helps customers to realise the business benefit of our Enterprise Cloud Services.

With our Cloud Discovery Service, we can address 3 key questions, depending on your starting point:

1. Which Cloud and which option is right for my organisation?
2. How do I gather the costs to effectively assess or create a business case?
3. What do I need to know to plan and prepare for a cloud migration?

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Are you realising the business benefits of the Cloud?

With 91% of Enterprises now using Cloud (RightScale - State of Cloud Report 2019), Version 1 has the proven experience to meet you where you are in your Cloud journey, and take you to where you want to go.
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Enable your Journey to Cloud

Are you struggling to define a clear path to Cloud or understand how a Cloud strategy can enable your business objectives?

We provide effective Cloud service evaluations and help your organisation define a clear cloud strategy and objectives. Our strategy services include maturity assessment, organisational impact and value advisory, helping you to understand the implications of Cloud and realise the full potential of your Cloud objectives.

Accelerate Key Workloads

With specialist IP, methodologies and accelerator architectures for major Public Cloud providers, Version 1 simplifies and speeds the safe migration of even the most complex enterprise cloud workloads at scale.

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Foundations: QuickStart Delivery Accelerators

Driving business success in today’s world requires an innovative, modern, and agile IT solution, with Public Cloud Infrastructure playing a key role in enabling this capability. How can your enterprise move towards Cloud and run digital customer experiences and workloads to deliver on business objectives, whilst saving on time and costs?
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Oracle to Public Cloud

Accelerate the migration of your Oracle environments to Azure, AWS and OCI using our unique, specialist methodologies.

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Cloud Migration Factory

Achieve datacentre exit against compelling timelines using a service that can burst to meet your organisation’s migration requirements. Our team of skilled engineers across Microsoft, Linux, Database, Data, and Digital can enhance your project success by delivering migration services to any Public Cloud platform.
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Improve your Systems and Applications

Exploit modern Cloud service capabilities to enhance your applications and deliver operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization with our best-practice services and assessments.

Achieve Azure best practice, optimise costs and increase business value delivered by Cloud with an Well Managed Review


Run your Cloud

Guarantee operational excellence, continuous improvement and innovation in your Cloud operations with specialist Cloud Management for multi-cloud environments.

Discover proactive, partner-led Cloud Managed Services

Through our comprehensive enterprise Cloud Managed Services offering, Version 1 takes ownership of the tasks that keep you from focusing on what really matters, driving your business objectives and strategic initiatives.
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