Application Modernisation

Modernise Your Existing Applications for Greater Innovation and Agility

Do your applications meet your current and emerging business requirements?

Or were they built based on past business objectives? Many businesses continue to struggle with Applications ‘As-is’, which can hold them back in this rapidly paced Digital Era, where customers are facing increasing pressure to change the way they innovate and operate. There is also a misconception that migrating applications to the Cloud ‘as-is’ will simply solve business problems, but migration without a certain degree of modernisation (whether it is minor optimisation, or a major Digital Transformation) often fails to meet current and evolving business requirements, as the capabilities were based on past needs.

Version 1’s approach to Application Modernisation enables you to ensure that the capabilities of your applications are in sync with both your current and future business requirements. With unique IP and established methodologies, we can help modernise your applications, making them more agile and responsive to industry needs, while protecting your existing investments.

Bringing Strategy and Agility to Your Modernisation Journey

Our unique methodology for modernising applications is highly beneficial to enterprise organisations seeking an agile, strategic and outcome-focused approach to Application Modernisation.

What is the health of the application? What compelling events, strategy or constraints are influencing the future of the estate? We deliver fast, time-boxed engagements to illuminate a way forward.
No need to start from scratch to innovate, plan for emergent requirements and innovation within your modernised business-critical application.
Your systems already deliver important business value. We protect and maximise re-use of your existing investment, surfacing hidden and emergent value, and innovating within the existing estate.
Exploit modern capability available on cloud to deliver real value to your business. Improve the elasticity and availability of your estate to optimise value for money without sacrificing service reliability.
Quickly move application estates to cloud with proven, repeatable, best-practice approaches to cloud migration. Leverage our Factory model for high volume, well-understood workloads, and our Service model for complex systems.
Share or delegate risk and operational responsibility to a partner with a proven track record of supporting, managing, and improving enterprise cloud and digital estates for secure Government, Retail, Finance, Health, Energy and Utility customers.

Application Modernisation Insights

Our Application Modernisation services can significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership while increasing your enterprise agility. 

Modernise to Leverage our Technology Partners' Innovative Offerings

Maximise your modernisation journey with our Azure, AWS and Oracle expertise

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More than 'Just Cloud'

Our expertise is more than ‘just Cloud’. Version 1’s capabilities go beyond our platform expertise, with our deep understanding and experience in the application and data technologies and workloads that sit on Cloud platforms. We are system integrators with expertise across the full stack. We have over 20 years’ experience implementing, managing and improving mission-critical applications for customers across all sectors. From legacy software, to custom-built system solutions and commercial off-the-shelf packages, Version 1 has the Cloud Application Migration expertise to help define a viable path to Cloud for your legacy systems, applications and data should you wish to take this route.

Common Issues

Why Modernise? Benefits of Improving Your Existing Applications

Exploit modern technologies to harness the full potential of your business applications

The benefit of this rapidly paced business world, is that there has never been a better time to easily leverage game-changing technologies, including cloud, mobility and virtualisation in order to harness the full potential of your applications, simplify your IT environment.  Our global technology partners AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and RedHat are continuously bringing business-benefit led innovation to the market and we encourage our customers to exploit the modern technologies of our partners to harness the full potential of their business applications.

Don’t let your business applications become a barrier to your innovation, agility and growth. Version 1 can help you to modernise your applications and legacy software to work in the way you need them to. That could involve integrating them with other key systems, making them available across web and mobile devices, extending functionality, or migrating your application(s) to the Public Cloud.

Webinar: Application Modernisation Business Case for 2020: Proving Value

This webinar is part of our Application Modernisation series. It identifies several modernisation solutions and demonstrates how you can build a compelling business case to modernise your systems. Watch this webinar on-demand now.

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