Supporting Musgrave Group in the Modernisation of its Core Business Application

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Version 1 Supports Musgrave Group in the Modernisation of its Core Business Application to a Cloud-Based Digitised System

Musgrave Group is Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale supplier to retail, foodservice, and SMEs. The retailers’ brands are market leaders and as a business, Musgrave feeds one in three people in Ireland. Musgrave is the largest private-sector employer in Ireland and employs over 35,000 people across Ireland and Spain in its stores, offices and warehouses. Musgrave Group is a long-standing customer of Version 1 and has also selected Version 1 as its Azure Managed Service Partner.

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Musgrave Group
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“We have heard and seen Version 1’s impact at Musgrave Group and our business will benefit significantly from the newly digitised Musgrave Processing Hub, a solution that is critical to the efficient running of our organisation. The modernisation of legacy systems to the Musgrave Processing Hub, a Cloud-based digitised system, will deliver wide-ranging benefits for Musgrave Retail Partners. These benefits range from self-serve functionality and mobile-compatibility to meet user needs, to data insights on store buying trends, product ranges and pricing to drive management decisions and growth in the highly competitive retail sector.”
- Gerard O’Flynn, Musgrave Group

Long-term Customer Relationship

Version 1 has worked with Musgrave for over a decade and sustains this positive partnership by utilising Version 1’s Customer Success model which uses a collaborative approach to deliver real and tangible business benefits, improvements and efficiencies for the customer. Version 1 works collaboratively with multiple stakeholder groups across the Musgrave organisation to support the customer’s objectives. The Version 1 teams operate as an extension of Musgrave’s own internal teams, facilitated by positive and productive working relationships based on shared values and trust.

Delivery of the Musgrave Processing Hub (MPH)

Version 1 worked with Musgrave to modernise and migrate their aging, legacy core business system to a Cloud platform, the Musgrave Processing Hub, from on-premise Infrastructure to Azure Platform-as-a-Service. The technology stack for the solution developed is Microsoft and it is based entirely on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure).

Moving this key infrastructure over to Azure was a crucial step for the Musgrave business in terms of business agility and stakeholder usability. While the legacy systems were robust and steady, due to the aging underlying technology it wasn’t agile enough to meet the demands of the organisation and couldn’t meet the type of expectations that modern users would have in terms of features, functionality and usability such as mobile enablement.

It was imperative for Version 1 to develop a solution based on current and future requirements when delivering the Cloud-based Processing Hub as opposed to simply ‘lifting and shifting’ the legacy system which was based on past requirements ‘as is’. This approach ensures that the system can be a platform for the future that will deliver with pace and be responsive to future needs of the business.

Continuous Improvement of the Musgrave Processing Hub (MPH)

Phase 1 of Musgrave Processing Hub went live in the Spring of 2019 and Phase 1 enhancements will run to the end of the year. It was critical for Version 1 to ensure business continuity and minimise disruption for the business stakeholders throughout the delivery of the first phase of the system and demonstrate business value early to the customer. Version 1 continues to work in collaboration with Musgrave to plan Phase 2 and 3 which will include further enhancements and potential opportunities for improvements in efficiency.

Real Difference Delivered - Musgrave Processing Hub (MPH)

The new cloud-based Musgrave Processing Hub enables the business to:

1. Transact key information quickly – such as invoices from multiple sources

2. Support the finance and retail staff in searching for and transacting against key data in the system

3. Capture and extract data to develop data insights to drive decision-making

4. Plan and develop new functionality in a secure, robust, scalable and modular manner

Capturing data and the ability to deliver early insight from the data is one of the most significant benefits of the modernised Musgrave Processing Hub. Our previous system contained flat file data and as such, we couldn’t generate any insights from it. With the new system, the data insights are pervasive, and Musgrave is now in a position to stay ahead of the curve, analysing store trends over time, and influencing our buying and stocking decisions. Additionally, to improve upon the user experience for Musgrave stakeholders, key opportunities were identified by Version 1 for the new platform including self-serve functionality and mobile-compatibility. Improvements in stakeholder usability and self-service capabilities have delivered much more efficient ways of working across the business.”
- Gerard O’Flynn, Musgrave Group

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