Cloud Migration Factory

Datacentre Migrations to Public Cloud at Scale and Speed

What is the Cloud Migration Factory?

Accelerate your datacentre to cloud migration with the Version 1 Cloud Migration Factory.

Achieve datacentre exit against compelling timelines using a service that can burst to meet your organisation’s migration requirements. Our team of skilled engineers across Microsoft, Linux, Database, Data, and Digital can enhance your project success by delivering migration services to any Public Cloud platform. Our Cloud Migration Factory delivery team can provide flexible engagement models using onshore, nearshore, or offshore models.  We can also engage with an onshore model with security-cleared delivery teams.

The Cloud Migration Factory is a cloud-agnostic datacentre migration service. We have delivered Cloud Migrations on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Oracle OCI using the same service methodology and skilled migration engineering teams. As a cloud-agnostic consultancy, Version 1 can advise, assess and perform migrations from your datacentre to any one of our Public Cloud Partners.

Why Version 1?

Proven Approach
Whether it be Rehost, Replatform or Refactor, Version 1 has a proven approach to help find the right fit for every business system.
We offer a diverse delivery team blending consulting with our Cloud Migration Factory consisting of Cloud specialists supporting a broad range of technology platforms.
Access Version 1's technical communities of practice across Platform, Digital, DBA, Data and Analytics, ERP, and SAM. This agility is supported by our key partnerships.
Security across applications, databases, and platform is a fundamental part of our approach.

A Cloud-Agnostic Migration Service

The Cloud Migration Factory is a cloud-agnostic migration service, that targets server migrations at volume and velocity. Version 1 have a proven methodology that can accelerate datacentre migration to the public cloud that has delivered migration success for our customers.

Our skilled migration engineering team consists of all the technical and delivery management skills required to migrate Windows, Linux, Database, and Digital workloads, using cloud-native tooling and DevOps automation. Throughout the migration, Version 1 will conduct a series of 2-week sprints which will follow standard scrum principles to deliver successful outcomes.

Core Features

Version 1 will utilise automated discovery tools to conduct detailed discovery to form the basis of our migration inventory. We would also run dependency mapping tooling to gather critical service dependencies
Once Version 1 have established the discovery inventory, we will complete an Application Assessment to determine the relevant migration strategy for each application using the 6 R Migration Approach. This assessment will finalise the migration scope, backlog items and agreed testing strategy.
Evaluating the outputs from the Assessment and add them to the Migration Factory backlog for migration as defined by Sprint planning.
Version 1 will confirm that the migration target is valid and supported by completing vendor checks, operating system and application supportability on the target platform.
This phase covers Rehost, Replatform and basic Refactor migrations at High Velocity in Agile terminology. Each strategy has a defined station which allows repeatable migration processes to be completed during each sprint. Once the workload is migrated to the target cloud, Version 1 will complete post migration runbooks of the application.
The Migration Factory team will provide post migration Hyper-Care support after which the service is transitioned to your operational support team.


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