Version 1 Drives Efficiencies For ICBF: AWS Managed Service

ICBF is an industry-led organisation charged with providing cattle breeding information services to the Irish dairy and beef industries.

ICBF (Irish Cattle Breeding Federation), the organisation responsible for dairy and beef cattle breeding improvement in Ireland, partnered with Version 1 in an AWS Next-Gen Managed Service over three years ago. Through this relationship, Version 1 has implemented transformative changes that greatly improved efficiency for the organisation’s IT operations.


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Next-Gen Managed Service

Moving From On-Premise Infrastructure

Through a Managed Service partnership, Version 1 has been working with ICBF over the past three years on a number of improvements to the organisation’s infrastructure.

Version 1 moved ICBF from completely on-premise infrastructure to a model where the organisation’s web frontend is now hosted on AWS.

By completing this move, ICBF now has development, test and production environments running on AWS, with VPN tunnels connecting to its backend on-site databases.

DevOps Environment Upgrade

In another initiative to drive efficiency for ICBF, Version 1 upgraded ICBF’s DevOps environment.

ICBF now uses Jenkins software hosted on AWS to manage its PHP code. Jenkins is an open-source automation server that enables developers around the world to reliably build, test, and deploy their software.

Karl O’Connell from ICBF commented on the successful DevOps environment upgrade carried out by Version 1:

“All the above improvements were designed and implemented by Version 1. The DevOps environment upgrade totally transformed the way our developers work and greatly improved our efficiency. We also have an SFTP site on AWS that was set up by Version 1.”

We are continuously upgrading and maintaining our system and Version 1 is central to this. For example, in the past few weeks we have added new VPN tunnels to AWS, worked on DNS changes in AWS and set up a new Jenkins test environment. We have found the Version 1 Infrastructure team very knowledgeable and professional in our dealings with them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Version 1.
- Karl O'Connell, ICBF

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