Episode #18: Tim Panagos, CTO at Microshare

Podcast Details

Series 2 of the One Zero One podcast continues with a very timely (remote) discussion with Tim Panagos, CTO at Microshare and our host Peter Gothard.

Tim is a technology executive with 20 years of experience in Enterprise Software having held senior roles in several organisations as a Software Engineer, Chief Architect and CTO. Tim is the Co-Founder and CTO of Microshare, a data leverage platform for the IoT era, providing a solution to sharing, privacy, security, audit, confidentiality, data monetisation and cost savings. Driven by the new technology developments and the IoT wave, Microshare was founded to brings things to life; connecting buildings, assets, people and devices so that users can make smarter decisions.

As Tim explains in this insightful episode, Microshare solutions are in demand the world over as public and private sector officials are responsible for the health and safety of workers, tenants, customers and others who pass through their facilities. Its Universal Contact Tracing and Touchfree Feedback solutions were designed specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic. They are working to keep spaces safe for employees, tenants and residents from monitoring air quality indoor to delivering touchfree feedback where individuals may need to let management know that a restroom needs to be cleaned.

As CTO, Tim is in charge of the strategic product vision and implements these solutions into an architecture which can be deployed most effectively across Microshare’s customers’ businesses.

Download or stream this episode for an engaging conversation, or investigation in certain parts, as our host Peter gets the lowdown on the IoT industry today, the use cases for internet-connected ‘things’ and how it has become intertwined with 21st century living today, transparency and some concerns about the impact of connected devices on privacy – particularly in employee/employer relations. It’s certainly one to listen to for businesses and employers considering how to return employees safely to physical spaces and how to have the right conversations around trying new technology and devices to improve wellbeing in the business.


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