Exploring the Potential of Blockchain

Identifying the best uses of Blockchain to solve real problems for our customers

One of today’s most highly discussed technologies, Blockchain, can bring significant business benefits across a variety of industries, ranging from financial services and personal identity, to healthcare and agriculture.  As part of our commitment to maintaining an innovation edge to drive Customer Success, Version 1 is working with our customers to explore the potential of Blockchain.

With the current Digital era of business moving rapidly, Version 1 collaborates with our customers through our Innovation Labs to explore ways for them to utilise Blockchain technology in their businesses to solve key, relevant problems, and to deliver tangible business benefits. Find out how Version 1 teamed up with ICBF to deliver a proof of value around Blockchain.

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Cross-Industry Exploration

Blockchain technology isn't limited to financial services, Version 1 is exploring its benefits across multiple industries.

Version 1 is working with ICBF to leverage Blockchain in its world-leading animal genetics database to deliver food traceability from farm to fork.
Supply Chain
Version 1 is exploring Blockchain uses in the Supply Chain ranging from the warehouse stage to payment, spanning multiple locations, entities and stages.
Blockchain can be used to track consent in clinical trials, comply to the pharmaceutical supply chain, verify the authenticity of medication and prevent counterfeit drugs and medical devices.
Aircraft Leasing
Data covering aircraft maintenance, transfers of titles, lease repayments and exchanges of values can be stored on blockchain to provide a clear trail of activities.
Version 1 is exploring the potential use cases for Blockchain in parliamentary procedures, Blockchain can be used to make voting easier while maintaining security.

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