Seizing the Opportunity to Accelerate Modernisation

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In this session we welcome Tim Priest, National Operations Team Leader at National Highways, to discuss “Seizing the Opportunity to Accelerate Modernisation” in the context of our recent Microsoft Global Partner of the Year project.

Modernisation is integral to any transformation of legacy applications, yet too often we remain rigid with project scopes and ignore potential “lightning rod” moments that can dramatically accelerate those plans. National Highways modernisation of NILO (read the case study here) is a perfect example of seizing that moment.

In this video Tim and Roger Whitehead, Advisory Services Lead at Version 1 discuss:

  • How to recognise the perfect conditions to accelerate
  • Building a business case to tackle legacy with the organisation in mind
  • Tying tangible business value to technical outcomes
  • Lessons learned from an award-winning project