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Next Generation Applications 

Ensure your apps will meet the user needs of tomorrow, not just today 

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Making applications intelligent

AI is having profound impact on systems development, democratising and enabling modernisation on a large scale. AI is reshaping user expectations, with AI-infused applications becoming the standard.

Version 1’s AI expertise enables you to embrace this technological paradigm shift and future-proof your business.

We harness AI’s power in partnership with our clients, offering insights and practical experience to drive AI investment through proven business cases, fostering innovation for tangible customer success.

Our Next Generation services

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Making your applications conversational

Add conversational capabilities to your apps to enable users to consume your services in a more natural way

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Personalised and adaptive applications

Personalise how your services are offered to users be adapting based on the persona of the end user

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Embedding hyper-automation in applications

Reduce cost and increase efficiency by embedding hyper-automation capabilities into your app, reducing the manual processing required to serve your customers.

“We chose to work with Version 1 because they understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. As well as having the right advanced technical expertise, Version 1 shares the goal to leverage today’s cutting-edge technology for the benefit of absolutely everyone.”

Jacqui Garrad – Director, The National Museum of Computing.
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Automating compliance and security for the Government department

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) processes over 30,000 grant applications annually, which often include sensitive information.


Incorrect document submissions led to data breaches and compliance risks. DAFM worked with Red Hat and Version 1 to create SmartText, a machine learning (ML) text analysis platform that can correctly categorize documents while protecting back-end systems and delivering new features faster.

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