Client Profile

Customer Name: The National Museum of Computing

Established: 2007

Customer Since: 2023

Employees: 38

Sector: Museum and Cultural Organisation

The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) boasts the world’s most extensive collection of operational historic computers.  Located in Bletchley Park, TNMOC is an independent charity that showcases a vast array of functional historic computers and Word War II machines, including the Enigma.

On October 25th TNMOC hosted a unique event titled ‘Digital Future Days: Relaxed Opening/Home Educators Day’, specifically tailored to the neurodiverse community.  The event will offer the opportunity to navigate the museum in a tranquil setting.  Children from various age groups, cultural origins, and linguistic backgrounds are welcome.  

Version 1 and TNMOC worked together to present exhibit information in a way that is understandable for all visitors, regardless of age, cultural heritage, or cognitive abilities, creating an innovative solution called ‘TNMOC Mate’ using generative AI.

TNMOC Mate’s potential extends far beyond its application in museums and tourist attractions. While it is indeed capable of simplifying and providing multi-language and simplified text to enhance the experience for neurodiverse individuals, the underlying technology goes even further. Its ability to cater to the needs of neurodiverse individuals underscores its vast potential for various corporate use cases. The uniqueness of this technology in its niche is striking. Therefore, TNMOC Mate stands poised to make a substantial impact across a wide spectrum of industries, not limited to just museums or tourist attractions. The project was needed to expand the reach of knowledge and information that TNMOC can provide. When thinking of hosting an event for this particular audience they faced an obstacle, namely the exhibitions at TNMOC feature intricate details, particularly regarding cryptographic machines and the historical development of computers.  The displays for such exhibitions can be difficult to comprehend for younger individuals, those with neurodiverse profiles and non-native English speakers. 

The challenge was to deliver technical information into more accessible content transformed for the target range of age groups, and diverse linguistic and neurological needs.


Version 1 AI Labs created the innovative solution TNMOC Mate, which uses generative AI technology to address these issues. 

The solution is built as an app,  attendees receive a link or QR code to their phones. The app has a helpful guide that makes navigating the museum easy. The guide is user-friendly and offers clear directions. Users can choose their preferred language from the menu to make sure they get guidance in a language of their choice. The guide includes audio and engaging animated visuals paving the way for captivating introductory videos for every museum room. Additionally, users can choose a persona that fits their age group and language preference. 

Upon selection, the app directs users to the museum’s floor map. From this vantage point, they can conveniently select a room to delve into its exhibits. The app then showcases exhibit details in an easily digestible format. Alongside the simplified text, the app also offers accompanying audio, ensuring a thorough and user-friendly educational experience.  

The prowess behind TNMOC Mate lies in the cutting-edge ‘GPT-4’ technology. Here, GPT-4 transforms intricate details into accessible versions tailored for various age groups and subsequently aids in translating these texts into numerous languages. 

By supporting a multitude of languages, the app stands as a dynamic and inclusive tool, amplifying comprehension of complex concepts. 

screenshot of TNMOC app
(L) A screenshot of the TNMOC app showing the museum layout.
(R) Learn about the museum from Alan Turing himself, in the language of your choice!

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