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Application Management & Optimisation

Reimagine the potential of your applicationsASPIRE to more.  

Version 1’s ASPIRE Application Management & Optimisation service helps you to achieve competitive advantage by unlocking the potential of your pre-existing investment in your legacy applications, ensuring optimal operational efficiency at the heart of your business.

The most obvious benefit of Version 1’s ‘ASPIRE’ approach to Managed Services is opportunity cost. When you have IT problems or concerns about service stability, it’s like having a stone in your shoe – you can’t get very far. Once you take it out, all possibilities are open, it unleashes opportunities to do other things without getting drawn back to the problems.

John Neil, Chief Information Officer at the Security Industry Authority

ASPIRE features

Version 1’s Application Management & Optimisation service transforms cumbersome and time-consuming systems into efficient and streamlined processes. By utilising innovative technology, we can transform time-sensitive and frequent tasks into an automated process and where necessary, upgrade or modernise legacy software to the latest version, ensuring your software can continue to be at the centre of your business.

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Value Level Agreements

At Version 1, we believe a better approach is to shift the focus from a standard Managed Service SLA to a VLA – a Value-Led Agreement that delivers real business benefit.

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ASPIRE Application Managed Service

Our distinctive service model balances the certainty of cost with the flexibility to scale and adapt to your business needs. The three levels of service, from optimiser through to customiser, balances all critical components to manage and optimise your application.

Ready to reimagine the potential of your application estate?