Version 1 is delighted to have been recognised as a Best Workplace in Tech in Ireland 2022. Ireland’s Best Workplaces in Tech is a mode of recognition compiled by Great Place to Work Ireland to recognise the innovative, flexible, and forward-thinking practices and cultures developed by organisations within Ireland’s dynamic Tech industry. This certification comes soon after Version 1’s best ever ranking in Ireland as the 2nd Best Workplace. 

Great Place to Work® is a global analytical authority on high-trust high-performance workplace cultures and showcases organisations that hold a steadfast focus on ensuring their workplaces are the best that they can be. The awards are a testament to companies and employees who relentlessly strive to create a positive work culture, something Version 1 is integrally focused on.

An organisation with 10+ employees will be Certified™ when their overall employee survey results are 65% or higher

Here are some of our key survey findings on what makes Version 1 a Best Workplace in Tech:

87% believe that Version 1 is a leader in Innovation

  • 83% feel that management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas.
  • 89% feel that management recognises honest mistakes as a part of doing business.
  • 91% feel that people here quickly adapt to the changes needed for our organisation’s success.
  • 84% feel that we celebrate people who try new and better ways of doing things, regardless of the outcome.

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