The coronavirus pandemic saw a renewed focus on business continuity in the public sector, which, in turn, derailed many large-scale digital transformation projects. Analysis by GlobalData confirms this, with procurement opportunities falling year-on-year in February from 954 to 594, and from 1,105 to 837 in March.

In the face of tighter budgets and ongoing pressure to ensure optimal return on investment, some public sector organisations will inevitably experience difficulty when it comes to getting their transformation projects back on track.

Cost and procurement have been a perennial obstacle in public sector digital transformation. According to the 2020 Gartner CIO survey, 52 per cent of respondents working in government said they faced a funding shortfall over the last four years, higher than any other industry. Even taking the first steps can prove prohibitive, with some consulting services charging exorbitant amounts without any guarantee of achieving the right results. Then there’s the specific rules and regulations an organisation has to adhere to, as well as any existing legacy contracts that need to be taken into account.

Thankfully, plans don’t have to stall completely. Reputable digital service providers should offer some form of free consultation where they learn the objectives and challenges of an organisation before providing insights and guidance on the steps they need to take once they’re ready. Leaders can identify accredited and trusted suppliers for the public sector on the government’s Digital Marketplace, where you’ll find Neueda listed in all digital service categories.

Help is at hand

Version 1 is currently offering a free Digital Acceleration Workshop where public sector leaders get the chance to take part in a facilitated creative process to generate, develop and communicate ideas.  By the end of the 2 hours everyone will:

  • Have a strong understanding of the problems.
  • Generate ideas to solve the problem.
  • Prioritise ideas by effort and value.

To express an interest in our Digital Acceleration Workshop, please provide your details, and our team will be in touch.

Version 1 are experts at guiding our customers through the digital transformation process, and have experience working through the four critical elements:

  1. Business. Assessing the organisation – who they are and precisely what they do in the marketplace.
  2. Applications. Examining the applications that enable customers to access an organisation’s services.
  3. Data. The analysis of customer interactions and harnessing the valuable data this provides.
  4. Technology. Ensuring any technology offers a platform that will facilitate the development of digital initiatives.