Client Profile

Customer Name: PennEngineering

Established: 1942

Employees: 500+

Sector: Manufacturing

PennEngineering® has been a global leader in the fastening industry since their founding in 1942.

The company’s expanding portfolio of fastener designs and technologies continues to keep pace with the challenges presented by an ever-evolving marketplace.

The Challenge

Supporting the Industry 4.0 Programme

The challenge presented to Version 1 was to support the PennEngineering Industry 4.0 programme of work and deliver improvements to address training deficiencies, user inefficiencies and key pain points.

Version 1 identified that in order to support the Industry 4.0 programme, a full set of “As-Is” process diagrams and process documentation​ was key. This would help provide a clear baseline to work from to develop capabilities in Industry 4.0 locally and across the wider group.


Process Analysis

Version 1 consultants worked with Business Process owners in key Planning and Manufacturing areas, including Product Data Management, Quality Management and Shop Floor Control to understand and map complex business processes, and to deliver a comprehensive set of process diagrams and documentation.

This mapping enabled a real targeted focus on process analysis, process modelling, and process optimisation that currently stimulates process improvement and automation. ​Users now have a far better understanding of these key business actions and how their role fits within the overall organisation, making it easier to target and resolve pain points.

Real Differences, Delivered.

As a result of this engagement, the following benefits have been delivered and continue to further PennEngineering®’s operations:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the process
  • Clear documentation of current baseline processes
  • Improved user engagement
  • Targeted process improvements, including:
    • Consolidation of repeated activities
    • Process re-engineering to deliver efficiencies
  • Enhanced user training materials that support onboarding of new employees
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Support for pain point investigation