Client Profile

Customer Name: Vodafone

Established: 2001

Customer Since: 2011

Employees: 1067

Sector: Telecoms

Vodafone is a global telecommunications giant with mobile operations in 26 counties, partners with mobile networks in 57 more and fixed broadband operations in 17 markets. Providing a consistent, world-class user experience across diverse channels and markets is a challenge that will be familiar to many brands of Vodafone’s scale.  

However, Vodafone’s legacy systems lacked a centralised platform to allow business units to coordinate effectively and were composed of disparate technologies, making it challenging to marry systems coherently. What was needed was a centralised portal to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Vodafone chose Version 1 to help navigate the multi-stage process.  

Digital Presentation Framework 

Working closely with Vodafone, we used React to develop the Digital Presentation Framework (DPF), which empowered Vodafone with a single codebase for web and mobile applications. That, in turn, significantly reduced development time and the time needed to maintain code going forward. 

We also implemented a fully automated CI/CD pipeline, enabling rapid deployment of DPF applications while ensuring code traceability and quality control. This streamlined the release process, accelerating time-to-market for new features and enhancements. 

Knowledge Management Portal

In addition to the DPF work, we collaborated closely with Vodafone Ireland to create a Knowledge Management Portal. While a knowledge-sharing solution existed, it needed more detail and a centralised structure to keep pace with market changes and evolving customer needs.  

We collaborated closely with Vodafone Ireland to create a solution that was tailored to the brand’s unique requirements. The portal seamlessly integrates with existing tools and platforms, streamlining workflow and improved agent efficiency. 

Ultimately, we created a one-stop shop for its 24/7 customer support team. This gave agents immediate access to up-to-date customer and product information, significantly reducing the time required to understand customer needs and resolve issues. The upshot? Happier customers.  

Demand Management Portal 

In parallel with the other projects, we created the Demand Management Portal, a centralised platform for submitting requests and managing assessment activities. This portal integrated seamlessly with Vodafone’s existing ticketing tool and platforms, providing a comprehensive view of demand pipelines and efficiently managing resource allocation. 

The Demand Management Porta finally achieved a unified customer experience across web and mobile channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand consistency. The shared codebase and automated CI/CD pipeline significantly reduced development effort, enabling faster time-to-market and improved responsiveness to customer needs. 

The Demand Management Portal revolutionised Vodafone’s demand management process, providing transparency, improving coordination and optimising resource utilisation. The centralised platform empowered demand managers with a comprehensive view of pipelines, enabling informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation. 


  • Developed the Digital Presentation Framework (DPF) using React to unify the customer experience across web and mobile channels 
  • Implemented a fully automated CI/CD pipeline for rapid deployment and quality control of DPF applications 
  • Created the Demand Management Portal to centralise demand management processes and improve visibility across business units 
  • Integrated the Demand Management Portal with Vodafone’s existing ticketing tool and platforms for seamless operation 
  • Designed, built, and deployed a centralised Knowledge Management portal tailored to Vodafone Ireland’s specific needs 
  • Integrated the portal with Vodafone Ireland’s existing tools and platforms, creating a seamless user experience 

We were impressed with Version 1’s expertise and we continue to grow this solution allowing the people involved to manage, coordinate and undertake the assessment activities which ensures that the work can be defined, costed, tracked and executed, The portal provides our customers with visibility of where things are within the process and allows us to deliver an overall better experience. Through management reporting and KPI measurements, we can both measure the overall throughput and performance of the process, adherence to SLAs and highlight any future potential resource conflicts/constraints allowing for early mitigation decisions to be made.

– David Blackeby, Head of Global PMO, Vodafone

The proof of concept went exceptionally well and the prototype built was universally well-received. The potential that we saw for it to drive transformation across Vodafone can’t be understated. We look forward to working with Version 1 on further innovation collaborations.

– Luke Bradley, Senior Manager of Engineering (Technology Shared Services), Vodafone Group

We have partnered with Version 1 to support the delivery of a Knowledge Management Portal solution. The implementation of the ESO Knowledge Portal was a huge success, in no part down to the team being very responsive to any questions or ideas we had and willing to go the extra mile. What this has resulted in, is an excellent product that supports Vodafone Enterprise Corporate customers. I would highly recommend Version 1 for anyone looking to do a similar project.

– Bryan Kearney, Enterprise Services Operations (ESO) Team Manager, Vodafone

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