Enhanced Digital Portal Transformation with Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 57 more, and fixed broadband operations in 17 markets.

As a trusted technology partner since 2011, Version 1 has delivered multiple projects for Vodafone which have included the Digital Presentation Framework, a Digital Sharepoint Portal and a Demand Management Portal. Discover the real differences delivered by Version 1 in the case studies below.

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Case Study 1: Digital Presentation Framework

Vodafone required a UI framework that would allow them to provide a superior and consistent user experience across sales and self-care channels and across web and mobile.

Version 1 assessed Vodafone’s requirements and delivered a solution designed to meet their objectives. Once the solution design was signed off, Version 1 worked with Vodafone to create applications with React and React Native for mobile (Android and iOS) & web (CMS, SPA and PWA). React is the revolutionary UI technology that powers Internet giants like Facebook and Instagram, AirBnB, Netflix and many others. It focuses on productivity, code readability and maintainability and currently is the most popular JavaScript based UI framework on the web.

The solution delivered provides a single share codebase with automated builds taken through Unit Test, Integration & Deployment. QA automated testing via DeviceFarm along with manual approval in CDD was also delivered. This included CI/CD pipeline integration allowing traceability of code, control of quality and delivery across multiple channels. It also aggregates all presentation (UI/UX) of Digital+Channels using only one programming language and targeting channels such as Native Apps (iOS, Android), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Single Page Applications (SPA), CMS (WCS, Drupal, Adobe) and other web channels.

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The Digital Presentation Framework (DPF) built uses a single shared React* codebase to deliver a unified customer experience across Web and Mobile channels and markets,  decreasing time to market and improving quality and customer experience while reducing both development, test and maintenance effort.

  • This framework has been empowered by a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that makes the Development, Integration, Deployment and Release super-fast. The CI / CD pipelines automate the build, test and deployment of DPF applications while providing code traceability, quality control and delivery across Web and Mobile channels, improving time to market and dramatically reducing cost.
  • DPF improves quality, unifies releases, enhances the omni-channel experience and resets the focus on customer needs through one unified product backlog and enables synergies across multiple teams with the mono repo approach.
  • The Shared Code Repository provides a central, shared, repository across all local markets allowing for easy re-use of Components and Libraries while promoting the development of new ones.
  • Web automated deployment across SPA, PWA and CMS (Drupal, WCS and AEM) is supported and for Mobile, automated deployment of Native Apps across Android and iOS is also supported.
The proof of concept went exceptionally well and the prototype built was universally well-received. The potential that we saw for it to drive transformation across Vodafone can’t be understated. We look forward to working with Version 1 on further innovation collaborations.
- Luke Bradley, Senior Manager of Engineering (Technology Shared Services), Vodafone Group

Case Study 2: Knowledge Management Portal

Vodafone Ireland required a local partner to support the creation and delivery of a Version 1 portal to provide customer information and product information to its 24/7 Enterprise support team call agents.

They had an existing knowledge sharing solution that worked as a document directory but needed to provide its team with a centralised, comprehensive way of capturing, providing and sharing knowledge; enabling them to respond more quickly to customer queries and market changes. Version 1 worked with the ESO key business and product owners to define and capture scope and requirements. When that was agreed, the portal was designed, built and deployed. The next step was ongoing support and maintenance of the portal.

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By working together with the Vodafone Enterprise Services Operations team, the Version 1 team successfully delivered on the key requirements for a Knowledge Management portal.

Version 1 integrated the web-based portal with the various tools and platforms used by Vodafone. This provided a one-stop-shop for the 24/7 team to access up-to-date customer information, which in turn enabled the agent taking the call to understand the customer requirements and fix the problem quicker.

We have partnered with Version 1 to support the delivery of a Knowledge Management Portal solution. The implementation of the ESO Knowledge Portal was a huge success, in no part down to the team being very responsive to any questions or ideas we had and willing to go the extra mile. What this has resulted in, is an excellent product that supports Vodafone Enterprise Corporate customers. I would highly recommend Version 1 for anyone looking to do a similar project.
- Bryan Kearney, Enterprise Services Operations (ESO) Team Manager, Vodafone

Case Study 3: Demand Management Portal

Vodafone Technology Shared Services implemented a Demand Management Portal to provide twenty-eight Operating Entities with a centralised repository for submitting requests and managing the assessment activities as part of its demand management lifecycle process.

Version 1 worked with the Vodafone Group Project Management Office (PMO) to define and capture the scope and requirements. Following agreement on this, the portal was designed, built and deployed operating within the constraints defined by Vodafone. Version 1 integrated the web-based portal with Vodafone’s ticketing tool and platforms.

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The portal provides a central repository for the review, management and reporting of all business demands originating from multiple business units into the PMO team which in turn allows Demand Managers to have full visibility of demand pipelines. The portal enables better management and coordination of teams and resources required to assess and respond to varying demand types.

We were impressed with Version 1’s expertise and we continue to grow this solution allowing the people involved to manage, coordinate and undertake the assessment activities which ensures that the work can be defined, costed, tracked and executed, The portal provides our customers with visibility of where things are within the process and allows us to deliver an overall better experience. Through management reporting and KPI measurements, we can both measure the overall throughput and performance of the process, adherence to SLAs and highlight any future potential resource conflicts/constraints allowing for early mitigation decisions to be made.
- David Blackeby, Head of Global PMO, Vodafone