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Negotiating Software Contracts

Strategising software contract negotiations and renewals.

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Are you about to start software vendor contract negotiations?

Buying enterprise software requires technical and commercial understanding, and a negotiation strategy. Failing to plan will result in a suboptimal contract for your business.

Negotiating with global software vendors takes preparation and teamwork, particularly if the purchase is materially significant for your business. When it comes to the procurement of Enterprise Software or renewing an enterprise contract,


there is more at stake than just getting a good price as these contractual arrangements can impact other areas of the business, such as governance, legal, finance and IT.

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Our Approach to Software Contract Negotiations

Our software asset management and license consulting team have in-depth understanding of every phase of the software contract lifecycle and vendor negotiation strategies, motivations, and behaviours.

In conjunction with our Control methodology, we can help you prepare, negotiate and ensure you make contractual decisions that are right for your business.

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Software contract negotiation expertise


Microsoft Enterprise (EA) Agreement True-up and Renewal

Version 1’s Microsoft license experts in conjunction with our Control methodology can provide contract analysis, entitlement v deployment, optimisation opportunities and negotiation support to support EA strategic contract planning and renewals and enable optimum Microsoft EA lifecycle management.


Oracle Unlimited License Agreement Lifecycle.

Version 1’s Oracle ULA experts in conjunction with our Control service can help you benchmark your ULA entry price and requirements, calculate your current and future usage, carry out effective deployment tracking and ultimately deliver an optimised ULA declaration realising maximum ROI.


Vendor-independent Negotiation Support

Version 1’s license experts have a deep understanding of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM negotiation tactics and can support client-side vendor negotiations and proposal validation either by offering independent advice and guidance ‘over the shoulder’ or by priming the negotiations on your behalf for maximum benefit.

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Software Fulfilment

Version 1’s dedicated Software Fulfilment team can help you optimise and streamline your procurement of licenses, hardware and cloud subscriptions. By leveraging years of buying and negotiating experience, you can ensure that any purchases are made at the lowest price and the right time and with the right contractual terms.


Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

The Microsoft CSP is a licensing program delivered by Version 1. Our experts can provide you with the best advice for the correct positioning of licenses, underpinned by clearly defined and documented processes, to deliver a compliant, cost-optimised and feature-maximised return on your software investment.

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Audit Defence & Negotiations

Version 1’s audit defence offering underpinned by our Control methodology can, in the event of discovered noncompliance during an audit, independently check and validate the audit results and support any license negotiation and procurement activity as necessary.

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The Benefits of Independent License Advice & Guidance when Negotiating with your Software Vendor


Negotiating with an enterprise software vendor can be tricky if you are not prepared or unfamiliar with their methods.  Engaging with an independent consultant who can advise you on negotiation strategies, validate your proposal, the commercial and contractual arrangement and pricing, will result in longer term benefits and cost effectiveness.

Version 1’s SAM experts Brian Lavelle and Jason Pepper discuss the benefits of independent advice when negotiating with your software vendor and how to get started.

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Need help negotiating with your software vendor? Contact our independent license experts today.

Contact us today to arrange a complimentary workshop to assess your software requirements, future technology plans and decide on a vendor negotiation approach.