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Oracle Java SE Subscription Changes

Clarify your Oracle Java estate and audit preparation strategies

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Do you understand the commercial changes made to Oracle Java?

Oracle changed the way Java SE subscriptions are licensed. This will significantly impact your use of Java and its pricing.

The introduction of Oracle Java Universal subscriptions has changed the metric by which Java is priced, impacting future Java subscription purchases.  These changes impact all commercial Java users and represents another level of Oracle license complexity that can often trip up those responsible for license compliance within their organisation, particularly if you are approached by Oracle for an Oracle Java Audit.

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Our approach to gaining clarity on your Oracle Java estate.

Version 1’s software asset management methodology, Control, underpins all our license consultancy engagements including gaining clarity on your Oracle Java estate particularly in the event of an Oracle Java audit.

This tried and tested SAM process delivers financial risk reduction, cost avoidance and removes excessive workload from your business that an Oracle Java audit can create.

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Oracle Java License Expertise


Oracle Java Compliance Position

Clarifying your Oracle Java SE estate and its potential exposure to non-compliance as well as likely optimisations.


Oracle Java Options

Understand the options for appropriate alternatives.


Oracle Java Audit Approach

Prepare for, or help defend against an Oracle Java SE audit.


82% Financial Risk Reduction

Our optimisation expertise helps to deliver financial risk reduction of over 82% on average during audit scenarios.


Reducing £17m to £100k

When engaged, our customer was facing a bill of £17m, but through our help, this was reduced to £100k.

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High Customer ROI

On average, the cost of license optimisation services is only 2% of what we generally save for our customers.

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Oracle Java Subscription Changes – Everything you need to know

The way Oracle prices Oracle Java SE Universal has changed.  Oracle no longer sell it in the Processor and Named User Plus metrics. Instead, it is ONLY available on the basis of number of Employees.  This change to Java SE will cause significant cost increases to many businesses.

In Version 1’s video, Principal Oracle License consultant Paul Bullen will explain what has changed and what you need to do next.  Watch now and empower your organisation with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on your Java strategy.

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Oracle Java Licensing Changes and Impacts

This Version 1 article is authored by our Java technical architects Alex Whyte, Tim Burns, Craig McCarthy, Lawrence Fazelynia, Akriti Sinha and Filippo Possenti, alongside license expert Paul Bullen. It combines our collective Oracle Java expertise and highlights the most critical customer-impacting elements that you should be aware of.

We will cover:  

  • A comprehensive overview of the history of Java and alternatives
  • Discovering your Java usage and the steps involved if you decide to migrate to OpenJDK
  • Examination of the changes to your Java license and the commercial impacts
  • Overview of Oracle Java audits and what this means for your business

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