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Becoming a Naturally Digital Workplace

November 13, 2020

Learn more about ”Becoming a Naturally Digital Workplace” and how to navigate through current Covid-19 challenges.

This session was recently hosted at our virtual Oracle Applications Day 2020 by Jarlath Dooley, People Success Director at Version 1. During this insightful session, Jaralth highlights how future success requires a business to be a naturally digital workplace, meaning an organisation whose people, technology and ways of working are all naturally focussed on digital-first, enabling the organisation to adapt, compete and win in a rapidly changing, competitive and uncertain environment. The most important thing to understand about this approach is that it’s not about directly replacing how we did things traditionally, but about truly re-designing them to be fit for the digital world we’re in.

During this session, Jarlath expands on the four things to consider when building a Naturally Digital Workplace :

  • Automation
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Technology

Download Version 1’s Covid-19 quick-start Guide to remote working, providing practical tips and key considerations related to managing a remote workforce.

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