Microsoft Discover: Modern Cloud Apps Workshop

One Microsoft Place South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin  |  13 February 2020 – 2 October 2019

Microsoft Discover: Modern Cloud Apps Workshop

Join us in Dublin on the 13th February for the Microsoft Discover: Modern Cloud Apps Workshop presented by Version 1’s Bhaswar Dutta.

Be part of a practical session: Build your POC for e-commerce in Azure. This will be a practical session in which attendees will build a proof of concept of an e-commerce solution. You will need to modernise an existing web application to adapt it to Microsoft Azure, using the most appropriate PaaS services such as Azure App Services, Microsoft Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database and Azure Logic Apps.

Why attend this workshop?

  • You will have the opportunity to migrate an existing web application to the Cloud, which requires several architectural decisions to be made. How do you choose the appropriate compute, data and security options? How do you set up the right DevOps practices?
  • The best way to learn Azure is through hands-on experience, supported by highly skilled proctors.
  • At the end of this hands-on workshop, you will be able to deploy and configure Azure Web Apps and associated services. In addition, you will learn to configure Web Apps for authentication with Azure AD, instrument and load-test the application with App Insights and automate back-end services using Azure Functions and Logic Apps.

Skills required:

  • Basics of programming in .NET
  • Basics of using Visual Studio

Each attendee must come with:

  • A Microsoft Azure subscription
  • Local machine or a virtual machine configured with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
  • Twilio account and/or personal mobile phone to setup a trial Twilio account

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