Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Is now the time to migrate your VMware estate?

Microsoft AVS Deploy & Adopt 

Microsoft AVS is a comprehensive analytics solution for enterprises, encompassing data lake management, data engineering, data integration, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence.

Why Change to AVS Now? 

Microsoft AVS streamlines your analytics requirements, replacing complex service and vendor ecosystems with an integrated, end-to-end, user-friendly product:

Cost & Complexity

  • Mitigate VMware market uncertainty and simplify contract complexities to avoid potential issues and uncertainties
  • Eliminate legacy infrastructure risk by transitioning to a streamlined setup, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing operational efficiency


  • Rapidly migrate workloads securely, accessing immediate capacity on demand, and leveraging the cloud’s unlimited potential for enhanced performance
  • Utilise specialist support, experience, and expertise to ensure optimal performance and seamless integration with your existing systems


  • Scale modifications or extensions easily, removing barriers to accessing necessary technology and enabling swift adaptation to evolving business needs
  • Dedicate solutions aligned with a cloud-first strategy, reducing carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future for all stakeholders

Microsoft AVS Benefits

Microsoft AVS streamlines your analytics requirements, replacing complex service and vendor ecosystems with an integrated, end-to-end, user-friendly product:

  • Low-risk migration – Migrate VMware workloads “as is”, this massively reduces the time and effort required for migration
  • Single point of contact for supportMicrosoft is a single point of contact for all issues across the AVS environment. If VMware needs to be engaged for any reason, Microsoft will manage this all on your behalf
  • Consumption-based licensing – Save with consumption-based licensing that comes with VMware licensing included. This includes NSX-T, vSphere, vSAN, and HCX Advanced
  • Easily connect to Azure services You may want to use Entra-ID for app identity needs; or Azure Storage to add capacity to your workloads. ​Because AVS is an Azure-native service, you reduce network complexity and costs with less latency and no egress charges
  • Leverage comprehensive Cloud-native security toolsMicrosoft Defender assesses the vulnerability of Azure VMware Solution VMs and raises alerts as needed
  • Reduction in infrastructure management overhead VMware as a service. Eliminate the need for additional networking equipment, storage hardware, and professional services

Why Version 1 is the Microsoft AVS partner of choice

As the Global Microsoft Application Modernisation Partner of the Year, Version 1 is uniquely positioned to introduce your business to the transformative power of Microsoft AVS: 

  • We provide you with a deeper understanding of what Microsoft AVS is and how best to maximise your usage of it 
  • From there, our AVS Deploy & Adopt service guides you through the 6 pillars of AVS: Strategy, Governance, Estate Review, Landing Zone, Data Architecture, and Refactor/Replace 
  • This information is then used to build your:
    • Data Strategy & Roadmap
    • Data Governance Approach & Plan
    • MVP Implementation Supported by Solution Design Documentation  
    • Knowledge Sharing to Empower Your Organisation 
Microsoft new competencies

Our Microsoft Solution Partner Designations

  • Infrastructure Azure
  • Data & AI Azure
  • Security 
  • Digital & App Innovation Azure

Our Microsoft Credentials

Why our customers choose Version 1 as their Microsoft AVS service provider

Always On
24/7 365 Service Desk supporting users around the globe.
Streamlined & Optimised
ITIL processes adapted and automated to support DevOps and continuous integration and delivery to improve productivity, quality, and service consistency.
Proactive Monitoring
Proactive service monitoring means we identify and resolve issues before they impact your business and deliver a business aligned view of systems and services.
Flexible Delivery Models & SLAs
Choose the service-level agreement (SLA) and delivery model (remote, on-site, or blended) that is right for your business.
Global Standards
Accredited to ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards delivering assurance in service quality and security.
True Partnership
We work in collaboration with your team and suppliers to own issues and drive them to resolution.
Full-Stack Expertise
Full-stack support for all technologies and environments - Applications, Databases, Infrastructure & Cloud Management.
Integrated Cloud
With deep expertise across three Public Clouds (Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services) we integrate, operate, and run modern cloud platforms side by side with legacy infrastructure and applications.
Continuous Service Improvement
CSI is a core tenet of our Managed Services, including Microsoft AVS, which means we are committed to an ongoing cycle of agreed improvements in operational efficiency as well as enabling your cloud strategy.

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