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Automate and Extend Your Core ERP Platform

Reduce costs, improve usability and drive productivity with a suite of smart JD Edwards add-ons which enable our customers to Automate and Extend their core ERP platform. Our customers benefit from an extensive catalogue of add-ons and features constituting thousands of man-hours of investment covering Mobile Approvals, Payroll Integration, AP Automation, Password Admin and more.

Automate and Extend - Overview of Services

Version 1 Offers a Range of Specialist Services to Automate and Extend Your JD Edwards

Approval Express
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AP Automation
Forgotten Passwords
Cloud Add-Ons
Mobile & Internet of Things
GDPR for JD Edwards

Continuous Innovation Delivery

For customers seeking get more out of their core ERP platform investment and to continuously innovate, Version 1 supports successful upgrades to JD Edwards 9.2, and advises customers on how to take advantage of this journey to Cloud and the new Continuous Innovation delivery model. Version 1 customers are increasingly embracing the new Continuous Innovation delivery model in recognition of the benefits that can be gained by taking these next steps. They can gain access to new features and capabilities as updates to their existing release after JD Edwards 9.2 without having to upgrade, and run the same application on premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS).

Approval Express for JD Edwards. JD Edwards approvals anytime, anywhere in the world.

Approval Express is an add-on utility that has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. Approval Express allows senior management and approvers to respond to approval requests on the move from anywhere in the world using any device that supports an email client, thus significantly speeding up your organisation’s entire approval processes. Approval Express provides business process improvements and greater control as well as bottom line cost savings from the day that you begin using it.


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Improve control and visibility across AP processes with AP Automation

The Version 1 approach to AP Automation for JD Edwards provides a modular approach to automating much of the Accounts Payable process. Companies can chose individual elements  to provide complete document and data capture processes using Kofax’s ReadSoft Online software, linking the captured invoice data and image directly to JD Edwards for automated matching of PO-based invoices, or workflow exception processing where a match cannot be found.

The solution has been designed to provide seamless integration and visibility for users within a customer’s existing JD Edwards environment. This flexibility supports existing infrastructure investments and helps to maintain a lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need for incremental ERP licenses.

Integrated Payroll Management

Payroll processing can be a time-consuming and complex job. Besides being hindered by increasingly complex statutory requirements, Payroll and HR team members must also be able to administer and track the numerous variables that can affect payroll and reporting. 

Version 1 has designed and developed UK specific Payroll and HR software modules that fully and seamlessly integrate with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Designed to offer a more flexible solution for UK companies, the solution is equally suited to midsize to multinational organisations. UK Payroll integrates easily with the rest of your EnterpriseOne modules: Human Resources, Foundation, Finance, and Billing.

Reduce User Downtime and Increase Helpdesk Efficiency with Forgotten Password for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Version 1

From personal banking and online purchasing to social media accounts, passwords are needed for a plethora of online activities. Almost all of these services have a self-service password-reset functionality so that if a password is forgotten, it can be retrieved almost instantly.

This option is also now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, but many companies are reluctant to implement the service, even though help desk and systems administrators spend a great deal of time resetting account passwords.

Forrester Research estimates that the average cost of a single password reset done by help desk is about $70, while Gartner estimates that 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. IT can be relieved from these calls, therefore being more productive in other areas, and also reducing costs.

Once installed the Forgotten Password link will feature on the main EnterpriseOne login screen. If a password reset is required, then the user clicks on the link.


There is significant opportunity to extend your JD Edwards Investment by leveraging existing systems, controls, sensors, remote equipment and off site working using available mobile technologies to link and extend off system processes or remote working activities. Version 1 can advise on the mobile tools available within JD Edwards and the wider Oracle Mobile Cloud tools that can help you achieve tangible process efficiency and automation which is consistent with your own organisations digital strategy.

Third Party Solutions Offered to our JD Edwards Customers

Reporting, analytics, and planning solution built for JD Edwards & Oracle EBS.
RF-SMART has been developing mobile barcoding solutions for Oracle JD Edwards for 20 years.
ALL Out is a comprehensive security solution that simplifies the management of JD Edwards.

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