Reduce close times with Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

Leverage a complete Financial Consolidation and Close platform to reduce time and risk, manage the whole process and collect all supplemental data.

Greater control of your financial close. Easily perform complex consolidations, create regulatory reports and store all supplementary data to be faster, more accurate and compliant.

As more demands get placed on the Finance function today, a modern financial consolidation and close platform will help you address reduce financial close cycles, collect, audit and store supplemental data and drive deeper understanding of your financial performance with rich reporting. Move away from trying to chase deadlines and become more of a business partner supporting key decisions.

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Reduce your close cycle by leveraging the out-of-the-box best practice consolidation processes. There is a limited need for customization as cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, rollovers, calls-to-action, and more are automatically calculated.

  • Key Performance Indicators
    Monitor key financial metrics across your organization using inbuilt metrics or extend as required.
  • Complaint
    A strong compliance framework including auditing, segregation of duty keeps you compliant.
  • Global
    Full support for intercompany, multi-currency, equity eliminations and multiple accounting standards.


Extended close

Gain greater control across the whole close process by gaining visibility into the progress of tasks by user, region. Also, collect all supporting supplemental data to support your close process seamlessly, track and audit it.

  • Supplemental Data
    Collect and maintain supporting data for statement balances in easily managed templates for signoffs and analysis
  • Monitoring
    Track and report the status of the complete close process by task, user, region and priority
  • Rich Reporting
    Easily comply with all current and new regulations such as IFRS 16 and IFRS 17


Process and workflow management

Promote enterprise-level collaboration with dynamic, data-driven, approval orchestration. Control workflows and processes across the full close and consolidation process and promote compliance, audit, and accountability

  • Approvals
    Ensure audit compliance with segregation of duties for certain tasks.
  • Automation
    Lights out processing possible with powerful scheduling capabilities.
  • Secure
    Detailed security model for deploying role-based and data access rights

Application integration

Strong integration capabilities allow you to leverage existing IT investment by integrating data from other Oracle applications or spreadsheets and native databases removing all manual data preparation errors and risks

  • Enterprise Aware
    Consider data from all enterprise systems that impact finance decisions
  • Seamless Integration
    Easily connect to source EPM and ERP applications such to source data directly.
  • Seamless Integration
    Leverage existing IT investments and quickly integrate data from multiple sources including spreadsheets and native databases

Intuitive interface

Perform all of your financial consolidation and close process in a function-rich, easy to use, interface. From journal adjustments, reporting and analysis to workflow and task management – all done in one common interface be it on a tablet or a web browser on a PC.

  • Role-Based User Interface
    Increase user adoption and productivity with one web user interface.
  • Anywhere Anytime
    Flexible interface to deliver the same experience on a tablet or PC for anywhere access
  • Personalized
    Intelligently remember user selections allowing for quick system navigation.

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