Predictive Maintenance and Quality

Access multiple data sources in real time to predict when and where asset failures are likely to occur.

Why Predictive Maintenance & Quality?

Predictive Maintenance and Quality solutions access multiple data sources in real-time to predict asset failure so that your organisation can avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

This early identification of issues helps you deploy limited maintenance resources more cost-effectively, maximise equipment uptime and enhance quality and supply chain processes, ultimately improving financial positioning, customer satisfaction and brand value.

Predictive Maintenance & Quality solutions enable:

  • Early identification of future faults and failures.
  • Advanced scheduling of resources and repairs.
  • Optimised productivity and maximum output.
  • Maximised return while reducing overall costs.
75% reduction in breakdown
30% reduction in maintenance costs
45% reduction in downtime
35% increase in production output

Predictive Maintenance & Quality solutions consist of three interconnected components

Key Benefits

Predictive Maintenance Datasheet

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