Oracle Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs)

Oracle Unlimited License Agreements

There are a number of key questions that arise when discussing Oracle Unlimited Agreements:

  • What is an Oracle ULA?
  • What do you need to know about Oracle ULAs?
  • What are the considerations around entering into a ULA?
  • How do you manage your ULA?
  • What to do when declaring a ULA?
  • Where can I get help throughout the lifecycle of the ULA process?

Outlined below are the ‘need to know’ answers relating to these frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


In simple terms, an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a contract that gives you the right to use an unlimited quantity of specified Oracle products for an agreed time period, usually 3 years. At the end of the unlimited period, Oracle will grant you a fixed quantity license on the basis that you have made a declaration of usage which Oracle believes to be accurate and realistic.

Oracle ULAs are becoming increasingly popular as many companies believe they are the answer to their licensing needs. However Oracle ULAs can sometimes be more beneficial to the vendor than the customer – and that’s why it can pay to get expert advice before signing on the dotted line. Vendors favour ULAs because they usually have a minimum entry level, meaning that the ULA is a sizeable deal. Plus, because the customer will be aiming to make the most of the deal, they will automatically favour the vendor’s products over those of the competition.


Of course, Oracle Unlimited License Agreements have benefits for both parties, for instance; if your company is growing however you are unsure of your projected usage, you may find that an Oracle ULA will enable you to simplify your Oracle contracts and support renewals as everything will be on one contract. This type of license agreement is also useful for companies who are growing organically or have purchased licenses ad hoc over a number of years.

However, whilst an Oracle ULA can simplify things, they can also be complicated to negotiate, manage and declare, which is where Version 1’s Oracle expertise can pay dividends. Our Version 1 Control™ service can help you with:

  • Benchmarking your entry price and requirements, to ensure optimum commercial results
  • Calculating your current and future usage, so that your ULA accurately reflects this
  • Understanding how your support will be delivered
  • Effective deployment tracking and accurate declaration at contract expiry, realising return on investment


Considering an Oracle ULA? Whilst an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement can give you the flexibility to save you money on Oracle licenses, they may not be the best way forward for every business.

Generally, Oracle Unlimited License Agreements are most effective for large companies in a period of organic growth, who are currently buying licenses ad hoc. If you are about to enter into a period of mergers, acquisitions or divestments, this can be a very complex situation to manage under a ULA.

Signing up for a ULA can be a complicated process. You need to work out what your level of usage is likely to be over a period of several years. You also need to be sure that you can manage and monitor this throughout the period of the contract. It can be a time consuming and challenging process especially if you are not familiar with all things Oracle. That’s where Version 1 can advise.


Managing an Oracle ULA properly = Value Realisation

You have signed on the bottom line and are now the proud owner of an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement. Do you breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with your day job, or do you stop and think about how you are going to consider managing an Oracle ULA moving forward? You know the correct answer!

Start managing your Oracle ULA today!

The right approach is to establish a fit for purpose License Management Strategy immediately on commencement of the ULA, implemented throughout the life-time of the agreement and beyond i.e. at least 4 years. The approach should be designed to centralise and control the deployment of software assets and therefore:

  • Optimise your return on investment, accomplished by planning and controlling deployment to ensure planned product take up
  • Mitigate risk – ‘unlimited’ means unlimited quantities of a defined list of products
  • Be in a position of knowledge at the end of the ULA to enable effective future negotiations with Oracle

Get in Control of your Oracle ULA.

Version 1 has developed market-leading Oracle License Agreement Management Programmes which have been built upon our own sophisticated methodology. Using our consultative expertise in Oracle licensing, our aim is to track usage and map to ULA entitlement on an on-going basis.

A continuous software asset management process is the best way to ensure ULA value is safeguarded, to avoid unplanned or unnecessary license costs and mitigate risk. This approach will enable maximum proactive exploitation of the ULA and will avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

In addition, potential relationship issues with Oracle will be minimised enabling complete focus on programme success.


Finding declaring an Oracle ULA daunting?

At Version 1, we understand that declaring an Oracle ULA can be time-consuming, disruptive to core business activity and stressful for many. There is a lot at stake as non-compliance and considerable unbudgeted cost may be an issue if you are not able to make an accurate declaration at the end of the ULA unlimited period.

With issues ranging from product deployment to identifying which products have been installed, but not used, or whether you have used products not covered by your Oracle ULA, it’s hardly surprising that many businesses find declaring an Oracle ULA a minefield.

An accurate Oracle ULA declaration requires your business to be able to answer these and many other questions. It also requires you to have been measuring deployment throughout the ULA term as part of your license management process.


Our Oracle expertise and in-depth understanding of every phase of the ULA lifecycle means that we can help you make the decision that’s right for your business. We’ll help you understand the risks, rewards and limitations of a ULA as well as being able to measure its value for money. We can help you assess your usage so that you can establish the best ULA entry point. Plus, because our team has over 350 person years of Oracle experience we can help you negotiate the terms of your ULA with Oracle, ensuring that you get an agreement that works for you. With Version 1 on board, you’ll benefit from:

  • An enhanced commercial framework which reduces total cost of ownership
  • A predictable cost model, covering license and support
  • Fixed support costs
  • An enhanced relationship with Oracle

Contact Version 1 today to realise the benefits of expert advice and guidance in managing your enterprise license estate.

Why Version 1?

We will always put the customer first. We are technology agnostic, providing a modular plug & play approach to each set of unique customer requirements. We enable clients to make better, more informed decisions on their software estate; understand the options and make the right decision for you. Our priority is to give the best advice, not just to secure licensing revenue.

Reduce Cost & Risk
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  • Procurement
Trusted Advisor
  • Independent
  • Tools Agnostic
  • Experience
Market Leading Expertise
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82% financial risk reduction

Our optimisation expertise helps to deliver financial risk reduction of over 82% on average during audit scenarios.

£17m to £100k

When engaged our customer was facing a bill of £17m, but through our help this amount became £100k

£5.8m identified non compliance risks

During a typical review, we find non-compliance risks of over £5.8m

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