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How can we set organisational goals and align key strategies to ensure that we achieve carbon neutrality by 2025? How can organisations become greener?

There is no doubt that cloud data centres are greener than their on-prem counterparts. Economies of scale, better infrastructure and improved efficiencies have made this possible. But exactly how much greener are they?

While tools to address these questions already exist, they all have limitations. Some limitations are – ignoring the actual physical server emissions, using T-shirt sizing as a benchmark strategy, considering global and geographical variations for Power Usage Effectiveness and Carbon Intensity, calculating an on-prem emission based on matching.

At Version 1, helping our customers implement IT solutions, to make real differences in their businesses, is Our Mission. Our Cloud Carbon Emissions Tool is a great example of this, by giving our customers a tool to plan, forecast, and implement their migration to cloud, in the most carbon and cost-efficient means possible. Because the tool can compare the ‘As Is’ On-Premise scenario, to various ‘To Be’ scenarios, it means that customers can make the best choices for their business AND the environment, all done easily before a single workload is migrated. A tool that is science, fact and data-driven, based on the best academic and trusted public sources, means customers can plan with confidence how they progress their Carbon Reduction objectives, through Cloud migration.
- Ken MacMahon, Head of Technology and Innovation
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Estimate your emission savings

Backed by academic and industrial sources, our methodology allows us to overcome those limitations. Our calculator returns the carbon emissions for both the on-prem and the planned cloud infrastructure, and projects those values for the next 5 years, also considering potential infrastructural improvements.

Our calculator works with multiple cloud service providers at multiple locations. Additionally, our calculators will provide suggestions for maximising carbon emission savings for clients not having jurisdictional or latency-related issues.

Key features of the Carbon Emission Calculator

  • Calculate on-prem and cloud emissions for future migrations and/or hypothetical scenarios
  • Display total or operational emissions only
  • Project emissions for the next 5 years, accounting for potential improvements.
  • Provide context and emissions-saving equivalents such as car journeys saved, household waste recycled, etc
Working with our clients and partners to help inform, drive and deliver innovative tools and solutions to help customers meet their sustainability goals is a crucial element of our ESG strategy.

The Migration Carbon Emission Savings Calculator is a great example of what happens when our Innovation Labs collaborate with our customers to deliver sustainable solutions that not only enables our customers to make important business decisions but in a way that has the best ESG outcomes for our customers in mind.
- Lorna McAdoo, Head of ESG

Unique Features of the Carbon Emissions Calculator

1-2-1 mapping to the closest possible physical server (assumed on cloud)
Account for local PUE and Carbon Intensity values
Easy to use: accepts CSV and APIs calls
Provides suggestions for maximising carbon emission savings

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