Regulatory Compliance Software for UK Water Companies

SOURCE, a division of Version 1, is a software studio focused on providing market leading regulatory compliance software for UK water companies. Our industry experts custom design and deliver software using a proven methodology. We pride ourselves on being an ethical and honest business – delighted customers are our best reference.

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Regulatory Compliance & Monitoring Software Solutions

Gemini2 - Biosolids and Sludge Management System
Version 1 Gemini2 is designed to support the end-to-end process from sludge collection and treatment to biosolids disposal or recycling to land. Operational requirements from both the water utility industry and agricultural land regulatory authorities as well as nutrient planning needs of farmers have been incorporated in a modular and integrated way.
Connect2 - Connection Inspection Management System
Version 1 Connect2 is a specialist software system that will help your business improve the handling and management of the Water Supply (Water Fittings Regulations 1999) or equivalent byelaws. Developed in connection with industry experts, Version 1 Connect2 will help you to maximise cost savings through the more effective use of skilled staff required to action the regulations.
ICMS2 - Industrial Consents Management System
Version 1 ICMS2 is designed for Consents Management and Trade Effluent Billing. Designed in conjunction with Scottish Water, the application provides a customisable solution to water utility requirements. Version 1 ICMS2 can play a vital role in supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of your trade effluent service.

Our Services

Complete range of services to design, build and run your regulatory compliance solution

Design & Development
Our in-house software design team are all experts in their field. They are dedicated to providing you a complete solution that is both functional and more importantly compliant.
We provide a comprehensive cloud offering and are running regulatory compliance solutions in cloud for many UK water companies.
Project & Programme Management
Our Project Managers are the key to a successful project delivery. They work with you from the outset to ensure an on-time and complete project delivery.
Managed Services
We have a full support team in place to help you run and manage your regulatory compliance solution on-premise or in the cloud. We ensure your mission-critical systems are always on.

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