Webinar: Becoming ‘Cloud First’: Strategies for Cloud Adoption in the Irish Public Sector

Webinar   |   6 February 2020 at 12:00 GMT

Hosted by: Ronan Laffan, Version 1 Head of Advisory Services

Becoming 'Cloud First': Strategies for Cloud Adoption in the Irish Public Sector

In response to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer’s (OGCIO) Cloud Computing Advice Note, Version 1 is running an insightful webinar on how public sector organisations can adopt a Cloud-First approach.

In this webinar, Ronan Laffan, Head of Advisory Services, will discuss the key technical and business challenges encountered and how these can be resolved or mitigated using Version 1 specialist, best-practice approaches that have been validated in the UK Public Sector.

This is an essential session for Public Sector decision-makers keen to understand what, how and when to move to Cloud and which systems are suitable for Cloud. The webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of how to:

  • Define or update and then implement their chosen Cloud strategies, plans and policies
  • Implement an approach to management and governance of their Cloud environment
  • Familiarise themselves with the different Cloud service models and Cloud providers and requirements they meet through suitable project pilots and an iteration process

Attendees will be introduced to an approach that simplifies the Cloud journey in the Irish Public Sector through proven Cloud Strategy and Cloud Adoption Frameworks. These frameworks are based on real-world domain and delivery experience and provide a range of pragmatic approaches and artefacts which deliver early, tangible benefits. Many artefacts conform to open industry best practice and standards and include:

  • Cloud Strategy Definitions
  • Cloud Maturity Assessments
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments of existing IT Solution Landscape
  • Multi-Provider Cloud Reference Architectures & Best Practice
  • Optimised Cloud Adoption and Migration Roadmaps

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