A look at a day in the life of our organisation

A business can appear mysterious to outsiders; what does an average day at the organisation look like, and what do their people do each day? One of the most popular questions we hear from candidates applying to work at Version 1 is: what does an average workday look like?

Well, there is no easy answer. As a 2000+ person organisation, we have many teams and customers, tens of departments, and multiple locations. We know that our employees are our biggest asset, so maintaining a great place to work and a culture we can be proud of is not just another company initiative; it’s embedded in everything we do. At Version 1, we are a people business, and no two days are the same here, no matter what your job is.

As such, we asked several members of our crew to outline what their day looks like. Below you can read a variety of experiences from different career paths across Version 1.