Version 1 placed on this prestigious list at the Great Place to Work UK Awards.

Version 1 is delighted to have been officially recognised as a Best Large Workplace in the United Kingdom for the first time. It is a particularly proud milestone as it is the first year that Version 1 has been named as a top UK Best Workplace having only entered business in the British market six years ago. Going from strength-to-strength, the company is enjoying continued growth having also been named the #4th Best Large Workplace in Ireland earlier this year.

The Great Place to Work® ranking assesses employees’ perspectives on leadership, innovation, inclusion, organisational culture, and trust. It is therefore a source of both pride and delight that Version 1 has received such an accolade; we are thrilled that our UK workforce ranks us so highly as an employer. Throughout our journey in the UK, we have grown rapidly to almost 500 employees, which has meant that our company culture and values have had to scale alongside us. However, we have always made a huge effort to focus on maintaining our core values and building a culture of trust and empowerment for our people and ensuring we provide the best workplace possible.

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, we also understand that a continued commitment to our employees’ development and happiness is paramount. This involves providing our employees with the tools and experiences they need to be successful both professionally and personally on an ongoing basis. In light of winning this award on the back of these beliefs, 4 key areas that contributed to Version 1’s win – and what makes it a great place to work – are highlighted below,

  1. Strength in Balance

What makes Version 1 different? It is our Strength in Balance, which represents our 3 commitments as a business:

  • To make a real difference for our customers – making an impact through long-term, outcome-focused relationships – success that fulfils Version 1 employees and fuels growth.
  • To build an empowering culture for our people – deliberately selecting, empowering and trusting people who are wired to deliver Customer Success – an empowerment that drives customer loyalty and organisational strength.
  • To grow a strong organisation for the future – strong financial performance enables us to invest in our organisation, our people and innovation. This leads to operational excellence for our organisation and success for our customers.


Those looking for a short-term result or an easier road might sacrifice one commitment for another, but at Version 1 we never have, and never will. We know that our greatest strength is balance across all three commitments – and this difference is what makes Version 1 a great place to work in the UK.

  1. Healthy Place to Work

With health and fitness now a priority for many, businesses are increasingly focused on workplace wellbeing initiatives for their staff. Version 1 is no different: in continually promoting a sustainable and consistent high performance we recognise the importance of our employee’s health. The 5 pillars of our holistic Wellbeing model include Sense of Purpose, Financial Management, Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing and Social Connections.

Version 1 accepts responsibility to provide the resources to support our people’s health, while our employees must commit to meeting us half way and availing of the resources we provide. This means they must prioritise their health, while we will do our best to support them where we can. Results have shown this model works, and Version 1 was proud to be officially certified as a Healthy Place to Work® earlier this year, recognising that the organisation is leading the way in creating a healthy, high performing environment for employees.

  1. Career Path Development (CPD) 

Career Path Development (CPD) is Version 1’s promotion path. Version 1 is a high-performance culture and therefore we want to provide an increased reward to those that impact the success and growth of the company the most, regardless of their position or seniority.

At its heart, Career Path Development reflects our Strength in Balance principles;

  • We are committed to rewarding employees who contribute to the success of the company.
  • We wish to distinguish our high performers.
  • We believe all employees should have a variable element to their overall rewards.
  • We believe rewards should be immediate and in line with our corporate quarterly rhythm.
  1. Diversity & Inclusion

The Version 1 Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and its committed workforce are constantly educating us and pushing for real conversations to move the dial on diversity and to underpin our efforts to be inclusive. This means inclusivity across race, gender, age, religion and identity in order to make Version 1 a better, happier workplace for our people. The initiative encompasses a variety of efforts, with upcoming activities including employees fasting with our colleagues during Ramadan to raise funds for Muslim Aid.  A diverse and inclusive workforce enhances employee happiness, fosters creativity and ensures that businesses leverage the full potential of their people.

Open Opportunities

Whilst Version 1 is a great and happy place to work, it’s not an easy place to work. Version 1 is rewarding with plenty of room for growth, but it is also challenging and will test your skills to ensure you get the most from your role so that you always feel that your career is progressing.

If this sounds appealing to you, you could be a good culture fit. Check out Version 1 career opportunities across the UK here or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated on all things happening #InsideVersion1.