Reduce Cost and Risk in your IBM License Estate.

The Version 1 SAM team has deepened their expertise in IBM license consulting and software asset management, formalising its IBM license advisory services for 2023.  Given the reports of increasing audit activity across all sectors, the team’s IBM consulting focus will concentrate on supporting businesses through an IBM audit or help in preparing for an audit.

As with most tier 1 software vendors, the challenge of managing complex IBM license agreements across a variety of technology platforms is difficult and confusing. More often than not, this confusion can inadvertently create unknown cost and risk for businesses without proper software asset management methodologies and skilled resource in place.

This cost and risk challenge has always been a central focus for businesses to manage, however with difficult economic market conditions predicted, reducing cost and risk, and avoiding unbudgeted cost resulting from vendor audits, will be of key concern for the next 12 months.

Version 1 Control for IBM License Consulting

Our IBM License Optimisation and software asset management services will focus on delivering license consulting to customers with medium to large IBM estates, where cost optimisation and risk reduction opportunities may be uncovered, such as:

  • Clarification of your IBM license baseline to highlight where you might avoid and reduce spend through alternative licensing and/or by deploying legitimate license compliance remediation tactics.
  • If you are currently being audited by IBM, our consulting services will help you during this audit activity. We can also help businesses prepare for an IBM license audit.

Underpinned by our tried and tested software asset management methodology Version 1 Control, our IBM license consulting and software asset management services reinforces our ability to deliver license consulting expertise to customers with multiple Tier 1 software vendors.

 Version 1’s license consultants are highly experienced in supporting enterprise customers optimise their enterprise licensing with the primary objectives being to reduce risk, complexity and cost in your license estate, minimise unplanned software spend, create good internal governance and management of software assets, and improve software vendor relationships.

For more information go to our IBM License Optimisation website page or contact us.