In a year that Version 1 has been rapidly gaining a strong foothold in the UK public and commercial sectors, the technology and digital transformation provider has also been appointed to National Highways’ IT Commercial Framework (ITCF).

National Highways is an organisation of critical importance, responsible for ensuring that all major roads in England are dependable and durable. National Highways’ ITCF Framework is designed to bring together some of the UK’s most innovative suppliers to assist the organisation with its strategic objectives to support the delivery of National Highway’s Road Investment Strategy (2020-2025) and its RIS2 technology pipeline.

Focusing on traffic technology, the ITCF framework upon which Version 1 has been appointed will run for four years and is worth more than a billion pounds. In addition to its responsibilities for improving England’s motorways and major roads to help customers have safer, smoother, and more reliable journeys, the digitisation of the design and build of civil infrastructure on the Strategic Road Network is top of the agenda for National Highways.

Conor McColgan, Head of UK Public Sector at Version 1, commented on the news:

We are delighted that Version 1 has been selected as a leading supplier to assist National Highways with their digital transformation, data, and cloud strategies. This appointment reflects the level of investment Version 1 has committed to delivering excellent digital solutions to the UK Public Sector and the ITCF Framework will allow us to continue to work effectively with National Highways and build upon previous project success stories together. As part of National Highway’s Road Investment Strategy, our team will deliver a SaaS solution (deployed in Azure) to manage the UK Road Network; TRL’s iRoad Asset Management System will assist National Highway’s in managing UK Road’s and Payments. This announcement follows a series of wins for Version 1 in the UK Public sector and a great sign of things to come.

Version 1 will support National Highways with its key responsibilities and strategic objectives by enabling the organisation to leverage innovative, cloud-native technologies that will aid in efficiently operating the road network, providing journey information to road users, and ultimately creating value for road users through innovation.

Version 1 is taking on 13 of the 18 Lots, covering all aspects of IT Goods & Service Supply:

  • LOT 2 Corporate Systems (goods and Services)
  • LOT 3 Architectural Services
  • LOT 4 Software Development Lifecycle
  • LOT 5 Cyber Security & Data Protection
  • LOT 6 Digital & Data
  • LOT 7 Infrastructure & Platform Design
  • LOT 8 Service Management & Transition
  • LOT 9 Business Engagement
  • LOT 10 Strategy, Transformation & Performance
  • LOT 11 Delivery
  • LOT 13 Software COTS/SaaS (goods only)
  • LOT 16 Infrastructure & Platform Services (goods and services)
  • LOT 17 Multi-Service Provision

About Version 1

Leading technology and digital transformation provider Version 1 employs over 2600 people across the UK, Ireland, Spain, and India. Specialising in delivering digital, cloud, data, and ERP transformation services, Version 1 is rapidly growing to meet the demand of its 500+ customers, from commercial enterprises to public sector organisations. With longstanding customer relationships and 98% customer retention, Version 1 has notably been gaining a strong foothold in the UK market of late with recent wins in HMRC, Channel 4, Land & Property Services (LPS), National Highways, Department of Justice, and Education Authority to name a few.