The latest version of the on-premise Analytics product from the Oracle stable, Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) is now generally available. It is available for both Linux x86-64bit and Windows-64-bit operating systems.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is the flagship product of the Oracle suite of analytics products. It also has a more regular cadence of updates throughout the year which is in line with Oracle’s “cloud-first” mantra. Oracle Analytics Server updates are less frequent and tend to be on a yearly cadence. These yearly updates aim to consolidate all updates that have been applied to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) over the last year. The last Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) release was version 5.9 in January 2021.

Update Highlights

A few of the new features that are now available in the Oracle Analytics Server are briefly described in the sections below.


Projects have now been renamed Workbooks.

Oracle Analytics workbook

Auto Insights

The Auto Insights feature that was recently introduced to Oracle Analytics Cloud in January 2022 (6.4) update, is now available in the on-premise product.

Auto Insights in Oracle Analytics 6.4

We have covered this feature extensively in this recent blog post.

Data Quality Insights

This feature enhances the data preparation phase of your analytics by providing a visual view of your data for each column. This makes it much easier to spot and uncover potential data issues early on. There is even the ability to fix some of these data discrepancies. Column Names can be changed here also and all the changes made are added to the data preparation script.

Data Quality Insights

Scheduling Dataset Reloads

There is now the possibility to schedule dataset reloads which gives you the ability to automate the refreshing of data in your visualizations. This feature is only available for tables in the dataset that don’t have the Data Access feature set to Live but to Automatic Caching.

Dataset reloads

The schedule can be created to run as a one-off job or on a repeating schedule.

Schedule image

You also have the ability to monitor the schedule history.

Schedule History

Multi-Table Datasets

Datasets can now be created with multiple tables as the underlying source.

Create Datasets with Multiple Tables in Oracle Analytics

Multi-Table Datasets

Developer Tools

There is now a set of performance tools available to trace various timing statistics of individual visualization components on a workbook.

Developer Tools

Additional Info

For more details on the update, see this Oracle document.

Some further information on why you should consider migrating from Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to Oracle Analytics server (OAS) can be found in this recent blog post. (Migrating OBI to Oracle Analytics Blog)

Details of how to install the 2022 (6.4) update can be found here.

Oracle Analytics server (OAS) security configuration details can be found here

We can help

If you are considering upgrading to this latest version of Oracle Analytics Server and need assistance, contact us and we will be happy to help you on your Oracle Analytics journey.