Leading multi-asset execution, clearing and liquidity provider Sucden Financial wanted to provide a modern app that would allow consumers to Trade on the go. With a growing demand for multi-platform trading capabilities in the industry, Sucden set out to provide a complimentary mobile trading platform [read the customer case study here].

Despite the rapid changes in emerging technologies within this space, Sucden required a partner with full-stack mobile application development, UX design capability experience, and proven domain expertise. Version 1 specialises in application modernisation meaning we had the expertise the customer required.

As well as specialising in application modernisation, we have the domain and technical expertise to deliver trading applications to the desired audience, proven experience in leveraging modern cloud technologies and a large amount of experience in delivering class-leading User Interface (UI) design.

One consideration Version 1 had to consider was the ever-changing demands in the industry. Customers want to use the most modern applications meaning the Version 1 team would have to grow and adapt with the times to ensure all stakeholders using and distributing the app were happy with the final product.

What is UI Design?

UI Design is defined as the process designers use to build interfaces in software/ applications focusing on looks, style, interactivity, behaviour, and overall feel. Our team of UI Developers are here to discover the needs and wants of our customers and ensure this is evident throughout the task and that all parties are happy with the final product.

Deep Dive and Development  

The process of developing this app was split into two phases. The first was ensuring the team understood how Sucden’s system worked. This included understanding the security of their systems and how the data was modelled. This second phase consisted of developing and designing the application. Version 1 communicated with Sucden regularly throughout this phase about what they wanted from this application, the essentials needed, and what to prioritise whilst they designed the app.

As a multi-platform trading app, a lot of information was required to be stored in one place to ensure customers could have the full trading experience. The application required up-to-date trading and market data in one place to ensure traders could complete their work efficiently and that the app was credible. As the industry is constantly changing and it was unknown how many users there would be, this required more research and development from the Version 1 team. This showed the agility and adaptability that our teams can offer to clients throughout different projects.

A Modern Mobile Trading Solution 

By developing this app, Sucden gave themselves the opportunity to modernise their approach to trading and reaching out to their customers. In a tech-orientated world, providing a modern application to users is key – which is why our UI Design team wanted to perfect every detail for the customer. The ability to trade from anywhere was key here and was the main priority of the app.

This project also gave our workers the opportunity to develop their skills. Part of the team was new to this project so they were able to discuss their ideas and align them to the customers’ requirements in their daily stand-up calls to ensure all parties involved were happy with the progress throughout. This showed the lengths that our workers were prepared to go to to ensure the customers were happy throughout and with the final product.

Hugo Espresati, a Principal Software Engineer At Version 1, said:

Sucden STAR Mobile was a very exciting project to work on. The team had to face multiple challenges from understanding a new type of application lifecycle to overcoming things like dealing with losing signal on the mobile phone when placing an order into the Exchange.

Results for the Customer 

By the end of this project, the following outcomes were achieved. You can discover more about each point in our Sucden Financial case study here.

  • Increased User Adoption and Revenue through Multi-Channel Strategy
  • Delivery of a Mobile Application
  • Introduction of Cloud Services

Building the Relationship

Throughout each of the phases, Version 1 had a stand-up call with the customer daily to share progress, any blockers and to discuss the next steps of the project.

This gave the Version 1 team time to explain the process in more detail so the customer could ask any questions they may have had but it also gave them time to discuss the progress on the development and understand the next steps. This helped to build a stronger relationship with the team and the UI Designers. Because of this, every party was able to develop a deeper understanding and make more requests to improve the project.

The strong relationship formed throughout helped to form an impressive final product for the customer to distribute to their customers.

Hugo continued:

The close relationship and strong interaction between the Sucden and Version 1 teams was critical to the success of this project.

This was a new trading experience for Sucden, so Version 1 was there to answer any questions and provide guidance on what would work best for the app. To find out more about the STAR app developed by Version 1, watch the video below:


Summary of app development

This project was an exciting development for the customer but also Version 1 as they were given the opportunity to learn and explore modern technologies to meet the customer’s requirements. The skills we acquire from one project are often useful for a future project meaning attaining even the smallest skills comes with a huge benefit.

Are you looking to expand your business with a mobile app? No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, Version 1 can help. Contact us today.