Client Profile

Customer Name: Cloud9

Established: 2014

Employees: 92

Sector: Communication

Cloud9 is a New York-based communications technology company that provides a cloud-based or on-premise platform allowing traders to communicate in a reliable, affordable, and compliant manner.

Crucially, Cloud9 required access to affordable development talent and the ability to ramp a team up or down, in line with project demand.

Key Challenges

Customer Challenge

Cloud9’s trader platform product is used by partners with many different needs and requires continuous improvements and tailored features, as well as ongoing maintenance of the software and infrastructure. The company was looking for a hands-on development team that possessed the specific knowledge and expertise needed to operate in an agile environment.

As well as possessing the right level of knowledge and experience, the developers had to become part of the Cloud9 team, which meant being in a similar time zone to ensure frequent communication, collaboration, and instant action.


Cloud9’s Chief Operating Officer Jim Miller has worked in financial technology for over 25 years and has extensive experience in both offshoring and nearshoring software solutions and support. After a successful site visit, Jim and his team identified Version 1 as a key nearshoring partner with a strong cultural fit.

Initially a team of four was deployed, which has since grown to eight in the last two years. The seven developers in Belfast and one in Malaga, focus on improving the UI and UX, developing new features, and refactoring older code.

To ensure things run smoothly and efficiently, we applied an Agile (Scrum and Kanban) methodology, and the trader platform itself has successfully helped to facilitate continuous communication between globally distributed teams.

Real Differences…


Not only was working with Version 1 a more cost-effective option for Cloud9, but our highly experienced team was able to offer valuable advice on critical architectural decisions and contribute to their product and technical roadmap from day one.

As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered:

  • A high performing, collaborative team with extensive development expertise
  • Flexibility to ramp up or down development team in line with project demand.
  • Robust and Scalable solution with a defined future roadmap