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Customer Name: Classified

Sector: Banking

In the fast-paced world of equity markets, a leading Tier 1 Investment Bank headquartered in London was grappling with the complexities of managing vast amounts of data; fragmented systems led to inefficiencies, data duplication, and mounting costs. Seeking a centralised solution, the bank sought a way to streamline its equity data management and unlock insights for better decision-making, all while ensuring scalability and round-the-clock reliability. 

The bank’s existing infrastructure couldn’t effectively handle the increasing volume and complexity of the equity market and reference data. This hindered timely access to information for research and analysis, which is crucial in competitive financial markets. Additionally, operational overheads were rising. The need for a unified, future-proof data warehouse was all too apparent. 

The bank envisioned a solution that would consolidate its data and offer high availability, user prioritisation in volatile market conditions and seamless scalability. This new system promised to empower its users to make faster, data-driven decisions, reduce costs and remain agile in a rapidly evolving market. 

To realise the bank’s vision, we were brought in to design and implement a robust kdb+ data warehouse solution. Our team of kdb+ experts worked closely with the bank, defining requirements collaboratively and guiding them through critical architectural and design choices. We crafted a tailored data platform with a user-friendly web interface, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility for business users and applications alike. 

The resulting solution has transformed the bank’s equity operations. Teams now have a single access point for trustworthy market and reference data. Built-in redundancy and intelligent user prioritisation ensure uninterrupted service even during market fluctuations. The platform can effortlessly scale to accommodate future growth. This newfound agility and data-driven insights continue to propel the bank ahead of its competitors. 


  • Built a high-performance kdb+ data warehouse that serves as a central data repository 
  • Developed a web-based user interface for intuitive data exploration and access 
  • Designed the solution with high availability and failover mechanisms 
  • Implemented intelligent user and application prioritisation for optimum performance during market volatility 
  • Carefully selected hardware specifications to provide ample capacity and future scalability 

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