Client Profile

Customer Name: Tindall Riley

Established: 1855

Customer Since: 2019

Employees: 250+

Sector: Insurance

Tindall Riley manages companies that provide protection and indemnity insurance for shipowners, and professional indemnity insurance for architects and insurance brokers. Tindall Riley also provides cyber insurance and incident response management.

Having used Oracle for over 20 years, Tindall Riley worked with Version 1 to implement Oracle Analytics Cloud and automated integrations using Oracle Integration Cloud.


Exploring Cloud Solutions

The company needed a cloud-based financial solution on a collaborative platform, bringing together all of the data from the mutual insurance associations it manages, with the ability to apply advanced analytics to every process and interaction. Tindall Riley also needed integration solutions that offered real-time data access and transparency.

The aim of this project was to allow Tindall Riley to create complex customised reports, account statements, and dashboards in line with specific management member requests.


Implementing OAC and OIC

Having already implemented Oracle Cloud ERP for its Finance applications, and due to the seamless integration benefits with other Oracle Cloud products, Oracle Analytics Cloud was implemented together with Autonomous Data Warehouse to store business-critical data. This also provides the advanced analytics Tindall Riley were seeking alongside the custom functionality to provide a better user experience for its members.

Oracle Integration Cloud was implemented to enable the hosting of robust APIs and automation of integrations with Tindall Riley’s existing insurance systems. The integrated OIC APIs allowed insurance systems to plug into sanctioned screening systems, ensuring compliance and regulation standards were met.

Real Differences…


As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered to Tindall Riley:

  • Extended the functionality of Oracle Cloud ERP by ensuring complex system integrations, enhancing reporting, and automating processes and workflows
  • Reduced pressure on staff
  • Enabled the company to deliver enhanced and prompt reporting and account statements for its members

Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud helped combine vast quantities of data from multiple applications, including the firm’s new insurance system. This makes payments, advanced credit control reporting, and budgeting faster and more reliable, thus adding flexibility.

This customer success story was written up as a formalisation of the presentation that Tindall Riley delivered at Version 1’s Oracle Applications Day 2020 which can be found here.