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Analytics Adoption Assessment

A Comparison of Cost, Expertise & Efficiency of a Partner v Hiring In-house 

As organisations brace themselves for uncertain economic conditions, whilst at the same time trying to find, train and retain skilled technical staff in a marketplace where wages cannot keep up with the cost of living, how do you attract the best workforce to deliver technical innovation?  

Let’s consider the highly specialised area of enterprise license software asset management where deep licensing knowledge coupled with IT skills are essential for understanding, managing, and resolving multifaceted license challenges.   

Do you embark on an expensive and time-consuming recruitment exercise in the hope that you’ll find the right candidate with the right experience, or do you approach experts in enterprise licensing and take advantage of their resource pool on a predictable cost model and contractual basis?   

Download this whitepaper for our comparison of In-house v Outsource. 

This whitepaper will include: 

  • A detailed summary of the cost implications and which option is the best commercial value. 
  • Overall operational effectiveness and which option proves to be the most effective. 
  • Our views on which option will deliver the deepest level of expertise for a multi-vendor software estate.

About the Version 1 SAM Team

Version 1’s SAM team have 20+ years of enterprise vendor license compliance and software asset management expertise and are best placed to advise and guide on all things licensing.  From audit defence to license right-sizing for cloud or virtualisation, our license and software asset management experts will deliver reduced cost, risk and unbudgeted spend, and improved ROI.