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Supply Chain Innovation

Imagine walking into a store and picking up an item. Taking out your phone, you scan the item’s barcode. You gain instant access to the full history and lifecycle of the item and how it ended up in front of you. You know its origin, its journey, and have full end to end visibility.

A transparent Supply Chain provides your customers with assurances around the provenance and authenticity of your product, creating a new level of awareness for your customers. Revolutionise and optimise your existing Supply Chain to build trust and honesty with new and existing customers.

Version 1’s Blockchain for Supply Chain solution allows your organisation to innovate and promote traceability and transparency directly through your Supply Chain to customers.

Drive end to end visibility, trust and transparency with Version 1’s Blockchain solution. Find out more below, or get in touch directly.

How can Blockchain affect your organisation's Supply Chain?

Accurately track elements of the Supply Chain and provide transparency to consumers.
Build Trust
Transparency and traceability builds and establishes trust with consumers.
Blockchain enables you to prove the authenticity of your product, thus reducing fraud.
Eliminate Errors
Blockchain reduces errors and eliminates fraud throughout the Supply Chain.
Identify Issues
Transparency enables issues in the Supply Chain to be identified faster.
Interoperable Data
Easily share information and data with internal and external stakeholders.

Innovating for Customers

Find out more about how Version 1 utilised Blockchain to enable Supply Chain traceability for one of our customers, ICBF.

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Use Cases


Combat counterfeit pharmaceutical products through Blockchain, which secures the entire Supply Chain. Pharmaceutical products are tagged and scanned, with records securely stored on Blockchain to ensure authenticity.


Retailers can benefit from Blockchain through reduced costs, delays, efficient product tracking and better inventory management. Certify and audit suppliers to track the source and origin of products to improve data quality.

Aircraft Leasing

Blockchain can be used to create an ecosystem for aircraft leasing, accurately tracking elements of the supply chain including maintenance, transfer of titles, leasing repayments and more.

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