Application Modernisation FastStart

Derive Maximum Value from your Applications

Protect Core Business Value and Exploit Modern Capability

Version 1 helps customers across the UK and Ireland derive maximum value from existing systems. We are in a rapidly changing digital era, and businesses face an increasing pressure to innovate. We at Version 1 believe that you shouldn’t let the investment you have already made go to waste – and can help you to modernise your core business systems and legacy applications to work in the way you need them to.

Undertake Version 1’s Application Modernisation FastStart, an accelerated technical discovery and business value assessment to understand your current application landscape – identifying modernisation quick-wins amongst out-of-support/out-dated applications, whilst protecting your existing investments.

Benefits of an Application Modernisation FastStart

Bringing Strategy and Agility to Your Modernisation Journey

Our unique methodology for modernising applications is highly beneficial to enterprise organisations seeking a strategic and outcome-focused approach to Application Modernisation. This offers a natural continuation to your FastStart engagement, and provides a structured path to bringing your digital vision to life.


FastStart Roadmap

Day 1-2: Empathise

Understand the pain points, goals, and aspirations of your business by observing and engaging with core business users.

Day 2-3: Define

Create business and IT problem statements through analysis of information and data gathered, and highlighting potential problem solutions.

Days 3-5: Ideate and Prototype

Provide a proposed design that marries business/user goals and aspirations, with the appropriate IT practicalities and considerations.

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