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One of our customers’ most pressing concerns is that they have already made such a large investment in their core ERP system so they want to know whether they can benefit from innovation and modernisation while maximising on that core investment. JD Edwards has changed significantly with the arrival of Oracle’s Continuous Delivery Model for JD Edwards 9.2 and above and is satisfying customers’ expectations for continuous innovation and business growth.

For customers seeking to be in a position to get more out of their core ERP platform investment and to continuously innovate, Version 1 delivers JD Edwards upgrades to JD Edwards 9.2, and also supports customers embarking on the Cloud journey and to adopt the Continuous Delivery Model. Version 1 customers are increasingly embracing the new Continuous Delivery Model in recognition of the benefits that can be gained by taking these next steps.

Version 1 Delivers JD Edwards Transformation for Mapeley Estates

Why Upgrade?


Why Version 1

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership With a Continuous Delivery Model

The delivery model of JD Edwards updates has greatly changed. From EnterpriseOne release 9.2 the traditional major upgrades every three years are replaced by smaller, more frequent enhancements continuously delivered as businesses demand through the new continuous delivery model. This customer-led innovation allows Oracle to be more responsive to the changing needs of business and provides greater agility for the end-user organisations, streamlining the digital transformation process. After upgrading your JD Edwards platform, you will no longer have to wait until a major Oracle upgrade for enhanced features, thus getting the most out of your investment.

Customers already on EnterpriseOne 9.2 can adapt their strategy to align with Oracle’s continuous delivery model. Plan for more regular updates to 9.2 to stay code-current and make the most of the new enhancements and features being delivered by the JD Edwards team. Customers not yet on EnterpriseOne 9.2 should plan to upgrade sooner rather than later.

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Customer Success Stories - JD Edwards Upgrades

UX One; An Innovative User Experience.

UX One provides an innovative user experience for JD Edwards customers. This major update to the user interface by Oracle simplifies tasks to further improve user experience and productivity. It also improves the quality of the user’s experience with role-based application content such as landing pages, watchlists and analytics to create a improved and intuitive user experience. User satisfaction also improves with UX One’s advanced experience components such as One View Watch List, IOT, and List View grid formats, available as part of the current 9.2 tools release. Version 1 specialises in helping customers understand how they can utilise new features such as UX One and Continuous Delivery Methodology in their operations. Download the Version 1 guide to UX One to learn more about our approach.

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