Effective Software Asset Management is here

Quantify risk, identify software license optimisation opportunities

  • Do you need to drive down IT costs?
  • Are you under threat of vendor audit?
  • Do you need to refresh your infrastructure?
  • Are you seeking to simplify the complexity of a virtualised environment?
  • What happens to software licensing in the Cloud?
  • How will the recent changes to Oracle Java Licensing affect you?

DIAGNOSIS is a rapid, high value service designed to help organisations determine software asset management risk and opportunity.

Reduce software and support costs by negotiating volume contract agreements and eliminating or reallocating underutilized software licenses *Why is Software Asset Management Important, 2021

Unlock Software Asset Management Benefits with DIAGNOSIS

Cost savings
Identification of cost saving through optimisation of software estate.
Risk mitigation
Possible compliance risks with proposed mitigation actions.
Process improvement
Procurement, compliance, cost and vendor management process assessment and improvement.
Improved data
Consolidated view and summary of current contracts.

DIAGNOSIS Key Features

Rapid, high-value engagement
Risk profile
Maturity assessment
Vendor agnostic

DIAGNOSIS Deliverables

Assessment ‘Diagnosis’ Report

Summary statement of engagement scope & objectives and key customer objectives in relation to SAM.

Support Cost ‘RAG’ Analysis

Contracts report detailing product information, theoretical renewal value, discounts, RAG rating and cost optimisations.

License Contract Report

Catalogue of all license contracts and related paperwork including a gap analysis.

Capability Maturity Model Assessment

Vendor relationship quality, compliance management, procurement best practice and cost management.

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